Woman Wearing White Wedding Gown Standing Beside Gray-painted Wall
Wedding costs can easily and quickly spiral out of control leaving parents of the bride and groom out of pocket for far more than they initially agreed to. It's not easy to say no to your daughter or son when they are looking for financial help to have the wedding of their dreams, but there is one thing you can control without feeling guilty - your wedding event outfits!

Pre-Wedding Events

Many mothers of the bride and groom fret over their outfit for the wedding day, but completely forget they need clothes for pre-wedding events as well! This can quickly blow out any budget, especially if you make expensive choices for each of them.
It pays to look around, and you might be surprised to find there are cheap mother of the bride dresses out there that are just as lovely as anything you would find in a pricey department store. You can easily find a different outfit for each occasion - the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding day, and post-wedding brunch - that will have you looking like a million bucks for a fraction of the price.

Reuse Shoes

If you plan all your wedding event outfits ahead of time, you can buy one pair of good shoes, which can serve both as all-time special occasion shoes and dance shoes, and that will suit each look you choose for the different wedding events. It's best to look for pumps in a neutral style and color, as it will be noticeable if they are in a bright or patterned style.
Neutral tones such as bone, or skin tones are a fantastic choice for pairing with the mother of the bride dresses as they will work with every color and design without fail. You will also find you can use them again and again in many other situations, from work to evenings out. The best part about using the same pair of shoes for all wedding events is by the time the big day arrives, they are worn in and comfortable!

Invest In Shapewear

Believe it or not, but one of the best ways to save money on mother of the bride dresses is to invest in good quality shapewear! It might seem counterproductive to spend money if you are trying to save money, but you'd be surprised how helpful it is to wear shapewear when trying on potential outfits.
We've all been in situations where we see budget-friendly options when out shopping, but put them back because we don't know if we look good in them. If you have bought shapewear, wear it when you go out looking for mother of the bride dresses so you can see how dresses fit with them underneath.
Alternatively, if you are looking for a cheap mother of the bride dresses online, simply take your measurements with your shapewear on to check what the correct size would be. It is also highly recommended to order the dress in custom size, which means the dress will be tailored according to the measurements you will give. Some online bridal stores, like JJ’s House, do offer this option and accordingly, most dresses can still be delivered within two weeks. At the very least your confidence is sure to be given a boost when you see your new silhouette in the mirror!