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Health comes first, and we should give our 100% to stay healthy. Taking the right nootropics can be the secret ingredient to keep fit. Today the market is filled with countless high rated nootropics. Often you may feel that the brain is not receiving adequate nutrition that it requires to function well. It may happen irrespective of taking healthy foods, doing proper exercise and regularly doing creative activities. It is during such circumstances that nootropics can help in enhancing the brain power.


Top 5 Nootropics

With so many nootropics available in the market you are quite likely to get confused. Relax below is a list of the top 5 nootropics and how each can help you. If you look for supplements which can aid your body to be healthy and prevent it from serious health conditions, then go with nootropics because they have been specially created to help the brain. Also called smart drugs and cognitive enhancers the highest rated nootropics are widely used for different cognitive skills like motivation, analysis, memory, and creativity. Take a look at some highest rated nootropics and why these are worth trying. 

  1. Piracetam- This is the nootropic which started it all. Piracetam has been created to help and augment cognition. The majority of the nootropics are made from Piracetam, and this also includes its improved version Pramiracetam. People who take it can reap the following health benefits- increased learning, improved cognitive skill, and enhanced memory. To know more visit BestNootropicsNow.com - The Complete Guide to Nootropics and Smart Drugs.
  1. Adrafinil- Adrafinil along with being an active nootropic is also popular as an energy booster. There are some nootropics which you cannot buy without a prescription, yet you can get Adrafinil over the counter. However, its long-term use is not recommended as it can result in tolerance build-up and side effects. Taking Adrafinil occasionally is excellent. This nootropic can be the emergency nootropic.
  1. Huperzine A- This is a highly favorite nootropic and owing to its many benefits is among the highest rated. It will work wonders to improve mental stimulation and also boost learning. This nootropic has been made from an herb which originates from China called Huperzia serrata. Huperzine A will also aid in faster and healthier growth of the nerve cells. Lastly, it will keep toxins against harming the brain. 
  1. 5-HTP- If you wish to feel good and at the same time improve your cognitive skills and memory then there cannot be a better bet than the 5-HTP. It is a form of amino acid that is present within the body naturally and aids the body to produce serotonin (feel-good hormones). With 5-HTP you can feel less moody as well as relatively happier. Along with great mood, its other benefits include helping your appetite and experience better sleep.
  1. Noopept- This is among the most potent. As per a study it has been discovered that this nootropic compared to Piracetam is indeed 1000 times stronger thereby making it a highly reliable choice to improve learning, memory, and cognition. Noopept is an effective nootropic and compared to the competition has lesser side effects.


All these nootropics will work wonders in keeping you healthy, but you are not limited to only these as the list includes much more. You are spoilt for choice. Together with proper food, a healthy lifestyle and the right exercise, you can enjoy the outmost of such nootropics. Remember if you do not take it as per the correct dosage then you may face some side effects. Seek the recommendation and approval of a physician before even trying any such nootropic.


Tips to Consider Before Purchasing Nootropics

Is an important presentation knocking at the door or an exam approaching, and you are exhausted and tired? That is the manner when people try in making their performance better as well as exploiting the perspective both in their mind and body. Today pills are available for just everything. Researchers have specially created Nootropics for making the brain productive via enhancing your memory, creativity, and focus. But are you using the right one? Below are some pointers that you need to consider while diving into the massive sea of nootropics.

  • Price- Nobody desires to overpay for their pills. Take into consideration how a nootropic is made and what is put inside it. Having these high-quality ingredients and in high dosages is not cheap. It costs money. Hence before buying the cheapest one, ensure it is not filled only with sugar for faking the real effect of the nootropic.
  • Dosage- Popping one pill every morning and forgetting about the entire thing is nice indeed. Yet getting this kind of a nootropic is hard to find. Choose those that you can take 2-3 times daily to provide the body with a proper schedule to boost the whole day.
  • Blend- By now everyone is well aware of green tea and ginseng and its effects, but nootropics are not made out of only these active ingredients. Read about other blends to get familiar about its effects because you do not want to take a nootropic that can have adverse effects. 
  • Effect- Of course you can consume a sugar rush by sipping a glass of energy drink or a cup of coffee, hence avoid mixing this with the effect which any good nootropic pill contains. It will have results for a short-term but pick those which will work as a mental booster for a long term. Hence do not merely grab the first pill from the counter as your health will be in question. Conduct thorough research and also learn more about the basics of every ingredient used in the nootropic as it can change your life. 


Nootropics are good for health only when you choose the best quality and take it in a proper dosage under the recommendation of an expert. Do not make any hasty decisions. Go slow and enjoy its different health benefits thoroughly.

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