There are so many bars and protein snacks out there, so what makes SimplyProtein so different?

Our snacks have the most protein for the least calories compared to other natural snacks. We chose our ingredients with a keen eye. That means nothing that can harm your body; no artificial ingredients, sugars, or sweeteners. Most bars are packed with sugar or ingredients high in natural sugars, like dates. We`ve carefully created low glycemic snacks that are under 4g of sugar/serving and diabetic safe. Why low sugar?
  • No sugar rushes or crashes
  • Lessens sugar cravings
  • High protein and fiber provides sustained energy
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Low sugar diets have shown positive results with many long-term illnesses and diseases (diabetes, obesity, heart health and memory)
Our products feature a subtle sweetness from natural ingredients like chicory root fiber and brown rice syrup. We`ve even created a savory snack, SimplyProtein Chips! Without the junk ingredients and added sugar, our snacks are light...but powerful.  SimplyProtein Bar and Whey Bar are proven to keep you full over 3 hours.

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