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how To Clean Your Garage Door Properly sponsored post closetsamples
In the era of pressure washers and internet how-to, it is easy to think that cleaning your garage door is an effortless process. Probably, in some senses of the word, it is. Getting a job done right does not take more than a few pieces of equipment you have at home and some elbow grease. 
But take it from a garage door company: Cleaning your garage door is a bit more all-around than just using a hose to clean it. Family Christian Doors, your Flower Mound garage door installation pros, has listed some tips below on how to get your garage door cleaned- inside and out. 
Handling The Exterior
As part of the garage that passersby take note of, the exterior of your garage has a big influence on the overall aesthetic of your home. It deserves attention and care. 
Making the exterior sparkle is easy. 
1. Use a hose to spray down your garage to save yourself some time and spend it with your family. 
2. Use a soap handy; for metal models, a similar car-washing will serve, but wood models need gentler cleaning material. 
3. Use car-washing gloves (or a sponge, if you are on a budget), and in circular motions, scrub off the lingering dirt. 
4. Rinse with water one more time.
5. Steel doors only: With cloth and spray wax, start cleaning the upper corner and continue your work across and down to polish and wax your garage door. 
6. Clean the weatherstripping and seals using a general-purpose cleaner.
There you go! There is not much else to it. A piece of cake, indeed, but also has multi-steps and processes that are not typically given its due diligence. Yet, as simple as the job, there are many things you should not do when cleaning the exterior of your garage door- that are sometimes overlooked, either out of negligence or because they seem too easy to pass up. These procedures will not just give you a standard clean in many cases; they might also harm the integrity of the door itself. 
Pressure Washers Are a No-Go
Of course, they might look like an excellent idea- who does not love the idea of getting a dull job in a high-powered plunge? Yet, in many cases, utilizing such a harsh tool is not necessary unless you have got some extreme dirt stuck on your garage door. Even in that case, you might think twice- cleaning your garage door with a pressure washer will void the warranty of your garage door. 
Mind What Detergent You Use
We stated earlier that wooden garage doors need a gentle touch than metal garage doors, but regardless, you should be wary of what you put on your garage door. As hard as it is, it is not powerful! 
Tidy up all cleaning agents used with your garage door repair before using them. All cleaning materials and cleaning products are unique. Family Christian Doors would be glad to give you advice, do not hesitate to call us.  
Examine Your Woof Garage Door Before You Wet It. 
Wood garage doors require refinishing regularly to keep them durable against unwanted elements. Introduce water to a damaged veneer, and you risk destroying the door beneath! Refinishing must always be your priority over your regular cleaning appointment. 
Handling The Interior
Even though it is not something that catches your attention, your garage door interior needs some attention too. The garage door spring, garage door tracks, and other inner components require some cleanings as well. You will hear about it- sometimes literally- if you forget them! Not only that, but your garage door cannot serve your family as you wish without regular maintenance, so ensure to provide the following garage door maintenance now and again. 
Your Garage Door Tracks
Garage door tracks are metal structures that keep the garage door on the same path day in and out. If dirt starts building up and hardens, it would be more difficult for your garage to open and close. 
Scrubbing your garage door tracks using an old toothbrush is a better way to clean them up. Check your garage door tracks out every time you clean the garage door to stay functioning well. 
Your Garage Door Springs
Cleaning the garage door springs signifies getting them a little dirty- with grease! Of course! Because they take a lot of friction every day, they require to be well-lubricated to continue operating.
Find the coil-shaped, cylindrical material over your head and spray it with approved materials as often as prescribed. Ensure to follow the safety precautions, too. 
Family Christian Doors: Your Flower Mound’s Garage Door Experts
From a new garage door installation to garage door maintenance, we have got the whole Flower Mound area covered! We make sure to make your garage door as efficient as it should be. We also offer top-quality products for all garage door needs, and with our skilled and professional technicians, we ensure to serve you right at an affordable price. Call us today! 
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