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How one can Pass a Urine Drug Test for THC:

There are times when one really needs to get a urine test right without any THC being noticed. If one has no time for detoxing naturally, there is always an option of the detox drinks. Most of these drinks have been made to get rid of marijuana and other toxins from our body system quickly and thus they have become an option for people who don't have a whole month to do a full detox.
Mostly testing is done to those people who are going to new places of work or people that work in companies where an employer opts to do random drug tests. Even with the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana, private companies are doing more drug tests than ever and weed is always at the top of the list, following this one needs to know how they will pass a urine drug test.

How to clean out one's system of THC in order to have a clean urine drug test

First one needs to know that THC cannot be removed from the body system by use of any of the below items; Vinegar, cranberry juice, niacin, goldenseal, bleach, ginger tea, surejell. These are normally myths taking rounds on the internet or this website which never work and they will not help you ace a urine drug test. Here are some guidelines one can follow in order to pass the test.

Detoxing for 3-6 Days using natural safe detoxification products.

If you are reading this piece of article you are most likely having a test very soon and you cannot afford to wait for 30 days for your body to be cleansed. There are solutions one can take in order to cleanse the body quickly. Use of detoxification products that will drastically expedite the body's natural cleansing process and get rid of the THC from one's system in about 3-6 days. It works by taking herbal supplements daily and also eating a healthy diet which flushes out the body system and gets rid of any toxins cleansing the blood and urine thus no toxins will be found in your system.

Use Cleansers that are taken as a one day dose to temporarily flush the body system of toxins.

If one wants to pass an upcoming test in a number of days or sooner than that, one can use temporary cleansers which will get rid of toxins in the body temporarily. It works by cleaning the urinary track and the bladder and eliminates toxins from these organs giving one a window period of six hours which allows you to have urine that has no toxins when doing the test. Same day cleansers work if you buy the right products, if one gets a product that is not right it will not work and you will definitely fail the test. One can order same day cleansers from certified pharmacist to ensure that you buy the right product.

Detoxing naturally for 30 days

If one has good health and is in decent shape they are able to cleanse their body naturally in about 4-6 weeks using a proper diet and doing exercises. One should follow a healthy diet and a detox plan to get the best results. The process takes approximately thirty days depending on the toxin levels in the body, your metabolism and also your overall health. One should follow these guidelines to detox naturally;

Drink a lot of water.

Hydrating the body system is a key method of detoxing THC from the body system. Drinking a lot of water will keep the body healthy and well hydrated thus this is a good method of flushing out all the toxins that can be in the body system.

Do Exercises.

Since THC is soluble in fat and is stored in fat cells of the body, the more one has body fat the more time you are going use up to get rid of the THC toxins. A good way of exercising is combing cardio training like running or swimming and also lifting weights as this will help in speeding up one's metabolism.

Eat Greens.

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, chard and broccoli are high in minerals like iron and vitamins. The nutrients in these foods are good for boosting the body's metabolism. You will be able to lose weight after eating these foods and this will help you get rid of the THC toxins in the body.

Drinking Lemon Juice.

Lemons have a high level of vitamin C, and this is an important electrolyte that helps in detoxing THC naturally. Go to the grocery store and get fresh lemons and squeeze the juice yourself because if you buy lemon juice from the store it does not have all the nutrients as the freshly squeezed lemons.

Do away with Red Meat and Junk food.

Fast foods such as cheeseburgers, bacon and all junk foods are unhealthy generally. When you are detoxifying yourself from marijuana eating these kinds of food will definitely not help. These foods are normally high in sodium and this causes water retention in the body slowing down one's metabolism. A person should eat foods such as vegetables, fruits, and lean meats so as to lose weight.

Taking Teas.

There are many types of tea that help the body system in detoxing THC toxins naturally. One example is dandelion tea and it aids the liver in eliminating toxins from our body system. Another good supplement is the green tea as it gives the body a major boost since it is high in and antioxidants. It boosts the body's metabolism and by doing this excess fat is burned.

Taking foods high in ffiber

Grains such as whole wheat and legumes like peas, lentils, beans, soy and peanuts provide healthy nutrients that enable the body to detox naturally. Consuming these foods will enable you to detox properly.


If one continues to use marijuana during the cleansing period definitely THC will still be deposited in the body. By abstaining, your body will cleanse itself naturally and finally one will be clean.
These guidelines are definitely a good option that a person needs to consider if they are going for a urine drug test and by following them one will surely pass it. 
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