A bridal shower can be so much fun for a bride because the feeling of nearing their wedding day is something indefinable. When a bride sees her friends and family getting all busy to arrange a bridal shower, she feels even more special. However, gone are those days when brides used to take a back seat and watch everything getting arranged. Come on! This is going to be your bridal shower party and you have all the right to make sure that it is organized just the way you wanted always. Why not consider a themed party? If you like sweets, then you will love a candy theme. Check out how to organize a successful candy themed bridal shower; Candy Bar Cards Instead of going for the usual invitation cards, try getting customized candy bars. Use its cover as an invitation letter. As for the bar, you can imprint it with you and your would-be name’s first letter. Welcoming The welcome should be grand, isn’t it? You can ask your friends to create a candy lover`s table. Candy bowls can be made easily with hallowed letter containers. For the Guests Of course, when so many guests are invited you just cannot let them go empty hand. Give them tasty treats. Arrange for some candy-filled bags. Even though your guests might have had a lot of sugary snacks in your bridal shower to keep themselves satisfied for months, their family may have not. Surprise them with a bag full of candies and send them off happy. The Cake This is probably one of the most important parts of the event. The cake should of course match perfectly with the theme. When you are going for a candy theme, order a white cake decorated with colorful candies. You can order candies online at sweet services for cake decoration. The Color Candies are available in varied colors, so can make your bridal shower party quite color. Else choose a specific color; let say pink. From candies, curtains to the table make sure everything represent different shades of pink. However, if you find pink to be too common a theme party color, then go for golden or red. When you are hiring an event management company you need not worry about getting what you want. Just let them know the idea and they will do accordingly. In fact, they can suggest some. The Dress When it is a themed party, the dress needs to be coordinated well. While inviting your guests let them know the dominant color of the event, so that they can wear dressed accordingly. You can wear a floral flowy dress or may be a pleated white dress with pink accessories. Last but not the least; see that you have the finest photographer by your side. After all, this candy themed bridal shower party needs to be captured forever! Ensure you leave none during the photo shoot, from your friends, relatives to neighbors; everyone should be included in the session. Additionally, you can include some candy rings in the buffet. The invitees will be completely awed by them.