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All of the operations in which the excess and wrinkles in the facial skin are removed and subcutaneous soft tissue looseness is corrected are called face lift surgery. Surgeries in which only the facial skin is stretched, which is known as face lift surgery today, can be decided by the person's own will. The mid-face area of ​​the person is the face area that has been recently discovered and whose value is understood by people in the history of face lift surgery. Recently, its anatomy and importance in facial rejuvenation surgery has revealed its scientific effect on people. Plastic surgery in Turkey is cheaper than in European countries.
The full cheekbone area of ​​the people expresses youth, beauty, and freshness. When looking at the face of young people, it gives that person a remarkable beauty due to the plump cheekbones and of course not overdoing it. Even the faces of babies you see when you look at them give beauty to their full cheeks. With the advancing age of the people, the structures that hold this fat in place generally weaken. With this oil sliding down on the skin, the fullness on the cheekbones of the people disappears and the borders of the bone begin to disappear. For this reason, it accumulates at the edge of the nose in the hanging parts. This situation is perceived as a sign of aging in people. Facelift surgeries, which solve these problems of the people, are a type of surgery performed with the plans of double-layer skin applied by specialist physicians. If the people are not old enough to apply for facelift surgery on their own will and there is no sagging of the facial skin, then facelift surgery is applied only to the area described by the specialist physician.
In the mid-face lift surgery applied to the person, it is applied in two ways as superficial mid-face lift operations and deep-plane mid-face lift surgery. Of these, the superficial plan mid-facelift surgery is performed with a skin incision made at the lower eyelid eyelash level. From this area, it is operated downward and the cheek fat is released from the points where it connects to the bone, and it is the process of sewing this area by raising it to its former place. Deep-plan mid-face lift surgery is also known as endoscopic face lift surgery among people. With this method, all the soft tissues on the cheekbone of the person are peeled off, pulled upward, and sewn onto the chewing muscle in the temple area.

What You Need to Know About Face Lift Surgery

With the development of technology, many innovations are applied in the content of the rapidly developing medical world. One of the surgeries renewed in line with the wishes and needs of people is face lift surgeries. Facial surgery includes eliminating signs of aging, as the basic image of the person will not change.
It is a sophisticated form of surgery with its sub-operations in face lift surgeries. Facelift surgery, which is a form of surgery performed in accordance with the personal request of the person, is a type of surgery that will never and never be done with the wishes of a third person. This surgery can be performed by people who find themselves physically healthy, who have positive perspectives, who aim to achieve an improvement in the person's appearance and find them realistic.
The success and reliability of facelift surgery depend largely on the person's clear and unambiguous expressions of their wishes during the consultation and their unbiased approach. During this surgery application, a few questions about the person's health, wishes, and lifestyle will be directed by the specialist physician. It is possible to list some of these questions as follows;
- Why do you want this surgery? What exactly are your expectations and the result you want?
- Do you have health conditions and allergies to medications?
- Are you addicted to bad habits such as alcohol or drugs?
- Do you currently use any medication?
- Have you had any previous treatment? If so what?
- Have you had any operation before?

The specialist physician of the person who applies for surgery for this

- Evaluates general health status, pre-existing health conditions, or possible risk factors.
- Speaks in detail about the appropriate face lift or rejuvenation options for the person.
- The person's face is examined and measured.
- Face photographs of the person are taken for medical records.
- The options are discussed between the person and the doctor, and the specialist will recommend a series of treatments.
- For facelift surgery, the specialist doctor reveals any risks or potential complications.
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