Beauty aisles are chock full of creams, lotions, scrubs and serums with sophisticated ingredients and a bounty of benefits. While there are plenty of solutions for crow's feet and wrinkles, the remedies for facial hair can seem lacking by comparison. But don't worry - you aren't destined to a future filled with errant hairs. Many effective options can help. Explore their pros and cons to see which method is the best one for your needs. Excess facial or body hair appears on women of all backgrounds, so you're certainly not alone. Multiple factors weigh in, including hormones, stress, heredity, and ethnicity. It's normal to find dark hairs on your face, neck and even your upper lip or cheeks. Hair can also grow in areas like your chest and back. Some women have just a few extra hairs, while others experience more dense growth.  
From plucking, shaving, and waxing to depilatories and bleach, there's certainly an array of hair removal methods. Finding the best method will depend on factors like how much hair you have and how fast it grows back. Fortunately, most of these at-home treatments are low in price and offer good results.  

Plucking or tweezing  

Pros: One of the easiest methods, tweezing works best for stray hairs on the chin or eyebrows. When properly tweezed, hair is removed from the root. For the best results, invest in high-quality tools, such as Billion Dollar Brows Tweezers. When tweezing, grasp the hair and then pull it out slowly and carefully in the direction of hair growth.  
Cons: Due to inefficient tweezers or rushing, sometimes only a portion of the hair is removed, leaving stubble and ingrown hairs. You also might have to deal with redness, a tingling sensation or white bumps where the hair was plucked. What's more, tweezing takes time, since each hair must be removed individually. And the results don't last as long as other methods.  


Pros: A good option when hair growth is thick and tweezing becomes too time-consuming.  
Cons: Results only last a day or two, after which the tell-tale stubble will surface. Shaving can also cause bumps, ingrown hairs and razor burn. Because facial skin is much thinner and more delicate than the legs, irritation is more noticeable.  

Creams or depilatories use chemicals to dissolve the hair shaft below the skin's surface.  

Pros: Quick and inexpensive; results should last one to two weeks. Also, as the hair grows back, it should be finer.  
Cons: The chemicals that dissolve the hair can be irritating to the skin, especially on your face. Additionally, many women find that depilatories don't completely remove the hair, leaving behind stray hairs that must be plucked individually.   Importantly, don't use depilatory creams around the eyes. Use extra care with other sensitive areas on the face, such as around the nose or mouth.  
Waxing is one of the oldest, most popular hair removal treatments for facial hair. Several varieties of wax are available, including azulene and beeswax, to effectively remove stray hairs from anywhere on the face. Typically, after the wax is heated, it's applied to the skin. Then strips are pressed down and pulled off, removing the hair.  
Pros: Results last anywhere from two to four weeks. With each treatment, hair should grow back softer and finer. Many women visit a salon for their waxing, but you can also do it at home. Thankfully, today's waxing kits are user-friendly. Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit is formulated with gentle blue azulene wax that's kind to sensitive facial skin. The wax grabs even the tiniest hairs, removes them from the root and ensures a smooth, hair-free appearance.  
Cons: Depending on your personal tolerance levels, waxing can be painful. The other downside? You must wait until the hairs have grown out slightly, at least a week, before waxing again.  


Pros: Considered the most painless option, bleaching is generally used for the upper lip.  
Cons: Because bleaching doesn`t actually remove hair - it just makes hair lighter and less noticeable — it remains thick and visible, especially in the sunlight.  

Permanent solutions  

Today's best options are electrolysis and laser hair removal. Choose a reputable practitioner before starting any treatments.  

Electrolysis uses a thin needle and electrical current to destroy the hair follicle.  

Pros: When done properly, electrolysis removes hair permanently. Because this method removes one hair at a time, it's ideal for areas with stray hairs, such as the eyebrows, chin, cheek or upper lip.  
Cons: Permanent results require several sessions, which can take up to a year or longer. Done improperly, electrolysis can lead to continued hair growth, or worse, scarring. You also can't pluck stray hairs, shave or wax between treatments, because this strengthens the hair, thereby hindering effectiveness.  

Laser hair removal uses a laser to vaporize or destroy the hair root with pulsated beams of light.  

Pros: Results typically keep hair re-growth at bay for three months, and side effects are minimal. Best of all, laser hair removal can treat large areas in a short amount of time. It's also a great option for areas such as the upper lip.  
Cons: Many incorrectly assume this is a permanent method of hair removal, but it's actually considered permanent hair reduction. Also, because the laser doesn't target individual hairs, it isn't recommended for precise areas like the eyebrows or stray hairs on the chin or cheek.  
Similarly, it's not ideal for people with light skin and light hair or dark skin and dark hair. The best candidate is someone with light skin and very dark, coarse hair. Due to the laser's reaction with skin`s melanin, hyperpigmentation can occur with darker skin. As with electrolysis, long-term benefits take commitment and perseverance.  

Soothing solutions  

After any type of hair removal, irritation and redness are common. Be prepared with soothing products ahead of time. Try Peter Thomas Roth Aloe-Cort Cream. With its hydrocortisone and whole-leaf aloe vera, this gentle cream minimizes itching and redness and soothes sensitive skin. Keep a supply of Bliss Ingrown Hair Eliminating Peeling Pads on hand. Infused with alpha hydroxy acids, these cotton pads exfoliate dead skin, reducing the risk of ingrown hairs or bumps between salon appointments. Naturally, each method will have its pros and cons, so it boils down to personal preference. By choosing the hair removal method that best fits your needs, facial hair is one problem that doesn`t have to rule your life.  
If you`re looking to rid yourself of some facial hair then you definitely want to check out the Facial Hair Remover Kit by Bella and Bear. It is a hair removal set of peachy orange tweezers and a coordinating peachy orange spring like hair removal device based on the threading method. Threading is an ancient method of hair removal, by using threads rolled back and forth to remove hair by the root. Bella and Bear products are cute, girly, and the polka dot floral packaging is reminiscent of fifties Hollywood or vintage pin-up glamour. The products have cute names and this one is no exception, cleverly named "Hair She Goes Hair Removal Kit", this set is easy to slip into a purse or weekend bag. No more unpleasant depilatory creams or electrical devices need to be packed when you go away on a trip. The set comes with a set of peachy orange painted metal tweezers and a long spring that grabs out hair from the roots. The tweezers seem to work well for me and I have used them a few times with removing stray hairs along my eyebrows. I did notice some of the color coming off after a few weeks of use. The spring facial epilator has peachy orange handles on each end. In order to use this, hold each end and bend into an upside down U shape. Slowly and effortlessly rotate the handles in and out while placing this against the area of hair removal, while also moving the remover upwards. Hair and peach fuzz is caught into the metal spring and removed by the roots. It is not 100% painless, but it is not terrible. Those who are used to waxing, epilating or tweezing should not be bothered by much discomfort. It did not cause me pain, except for some stinging on my upper lip area, as that part is always more sensitive to me. This seems to be suitable for most hair and skin types, including sensitive skin. I did not have any irritation.  
This could be used as a touch up on legs or arms. For arm use, you would need the help of someone else. This device works well and is convenient for traveling or use at home. I have found it easy to use on my face while watching tv (it catches the hairs pretty well, but I lay a hand towel on my lap in case as I am paranoid) and it would be easy to use while riding as a passenger in a car. I would not say it is the only spring facial epilator stick I have seen like this, as to be honest I have used this type of spring device years ago and have seen many similar brands of these. They all seem to work the same for me, but I like them. This one is nice as it comes in a matching set, is a nice color, and the packaging is pretty. I was pretty impressed with this tool and have to say I plan to use it often. It was quick, painless and easy to clean up. If you are in the market for a new way of getting rid of body hair off your face, than for sure give this a try! 
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
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