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About the product
The Aries Goddess Scrunch Back Booty Shorts encompass the most admired characteristics of the Aries zodiac. Courageous and outgoing in style, these unique booty shorts will make you a true leader in festival fashion!
  • Exclusively designed by the iHeartRaves team
  • Made in USA
  • 80% Nylon 20% Spandex
  • Hand wash only
  • May be worn as swimwear
About the Company

The iHeartRaves team is comprised of avid festival goers and dance music enthusiasts from all walks of life. Our love for music and festival fashion is what drives us and inspires our passion to create innovative products, provide high quality service, and truly connect with our customers. Our goal is to provide a mixture of wildly unique products from brands we admire and our own creations inspired by you. We believe in expanding the culture of the EDM community that has inspired us all and strive to provide our customers with the ability to express their own personal style.

Aries Goddess Scrunch Back Rave Booty Shorts - Black
my thoughts
I was really looking forward to these as they're fashionable and obviously pretty sexy. Unfortunately, though, for me, the sizing runs quite small. These were way too small for me to fit into. They looked to be the size of a child rather than an adult. With that said, these are very well made of high-quality material, which is a plus. Also, the company has a hassle free return policy so they can be sent back if need be for anyone who has the same issue. It's pretty disappointing because from how it feels, these are much nicer quality than swimwear in my local stores. Unfortunately, though, they only offer two sizing options: S/M and M/L.
So my recommendation for improvement for the brand is to offer more sizing options and well as more accurate sizing. I wish I could have told you the fit, unfortunately, though, I cannot. High quality material, but not accurate sizing. Either way, I wish the company luck in the future.