Christianity and Cosmic Consciousness: A Commentary on the Words of Jesus #Review Looking for a new book to read? Maybe consider this one: Christianity and Cosmic Consciousness: A Commentary on the Words of Jesus. You can check it out for just $15.95 and FREE Prime Shipping if you`re an Amazon Prime member! Here`s a little more about the book:
Born in the Ukraine, educated in Munich, and having practiced medicine in the United States, author Alexis Georg Hoen has been exposed to widely differing political systems and religious beliefs, and he has always maintained an interest as to the origin of these beliefs and their relation to the innermost nature of man. In Christianity and Cosmic Consciousness, he interprets the words and the sacrifice of Jesus as pointing the way toward a realization of our innermost nature-the will to live and love that exists within all. Sharing his experiences and ideas about Christ`s words and sacrifices, Hoen uses personal anecdotes and biblical examples to illustrate the nature of Christian belief. He provides a host of examples, including key illustrations from the Bible and relevant source material from other writers who address this topic. He shows us that through sacrifice we live in and for others. That is eternal life. Christianity and Cosmic Consciousness represents the core of Christian teaching without resorting to the supernatural and miraculous, yet doesn`t try to disprove it.
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Alexis Georg Hoen’s Christianity and Cosmic Consciousness: A Commentary on the Words of Jesus bridges the gap between those who believe in God as a conscious supreme being and those who think of this same divine principle as simply the laws that govern energy and matter. Hoen accomplishes this by putting aside that which divides, looking instead to what unifies us all: the will to live and love. Hoen’s approach is thoughtful and coherent; he does not insist on the verity of miraculous or supernatural events, but neither does he try to disprove them. Rather, he sets them aside in an effort to present the teachings of Jesus for a postmodern world. “Original sin,” then, becomes not some damning breach of morality inherited from Adam and Eve, but the fact that all that lives, ours included, exist in a tension between unity with and opposition to other living creatures. This is not an aberration but an essential characteristic of life—to be “a part” and “apart” at the same time. Overall, I found that Hoen`s book was well written, easy to understand, and rather interesting to read. It has a table of contents for those looking to read only certain sections at a time, as well as a bibliography and some endnotes. I particularly like the simple layout of the book and the choice of grammar and word usage throughout the book. Ultimately I found the book to be well researched and a good read. buy now amazon prime