As you all know I am a fan of Country Naturals.
Previously I purchased their 1500mg Full Spectrum Oil and have had great results. You can see my initial review here. Since that review, I found that I benefit most when I take the oil daily rather than 'as needed'. Because of the strong taste, I take mine with my coffee - as in I put a dropper full under my tongue for the 30-45 seconds then chase it with some coffee which helps get the strongest of the taste out. It can be a bit much, but the fact it helps is worth it. I had stopped taking it because I was feeling better, but found my issues of pain were coming back so I'm back to taking it daily, even if I feel I do not need it. If you need stronger than the 1500mg, you can just take 2 droppers rather than one and that would give you 3000mg instead. Just slowly increase your dose to find what is right for you. If you're not sure where to start, I recommend trying the  250mg oil first and if you're not noticing the difference after a few days, increase the dosage. If you find that taking (2) 250mg dropper full at a time is working better than increase to the 500mg, etc. 
So after being impressed by the full spectrum oil, I ordered their new 100mg THC Free CBD Honey and 10mg Full Spectrum Gummies. Take a look at my thoughts:
10mg Full Spectrum Gummies
First I cave the 10mg Full Spectrum Gummies a try. They are quite small in size, but not too bad. Like the oil, you have a semi-strong flavor, however, it's not nearly as strong (or bad however you wish to phrase it) as the oil is. The candied gummy help mask that taste which makes these a bit more enjoyable to consume. I took two as the options allow for 1-2 gummies then also took my regular dose of the full spectrum oil. I had no anxiety all day and felt rather relieved. My results seem rather quick, however, keep in mind I have been using the oil for nearly a month now. Despite the size, they do seem to make a difference as far as my regular aches and pains go when accompanied with the oil. I haven't tried taking the gummies alone without the oil as I tend to have chronic pain. 
100mg THC Free CBD Honey
Next up I tried out the 100mg THC Free CBD Honey in some tea. Unlike the previous products I tried I could hardly taste (if any) of the CBD product. It tasted like delicious honey. The only downfall, however, is that the honey is quite expensive for such a small jar. The jar is only 1.5 ounces so I mean it's very small. However, the presentation is nice and the fact it comes with a wooden honey stick is pretty neat. With all that, the honey is absolutely delicious and seemed to go well with my tea without distorting the original flavor other than making it taste sweeter/better as honey typically does. As far as what's in this special honey, the ingredients are simple: Wildflower Honey, 99.9% Pure CBD Extract. Overall, it's been an excellent addition to ending my day and relaxing. It's hard for me to tell how effective the honey alone is as I take the other products, but combined I have noticed a positive change in my health as well as having less chronic pain. Plus, whenever I get a tension headache and take some CBD products, within the hour my headache is gone. Much better effects for me compared to typical over the counter drugs.
While I can't say what results you will experience, I wanted to share my experience in hopes of helping others. For me, I find I need higher dosages to make a difference for my types of pain while others can use the lowest possible dose and get the same results. If you never used CBD products before it is a trial and error experience. Some products may work great for you while others do not. Don't be afraid to grab several products and try them all out and find something that helps you. And yes, CBD is legal in all 50 states. 



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