Shopping through Firmoo I found some affordable stylish prescription eyeglasses that I fell in love with! I personally didn`t have to wear glasses until I was in my 20`s and making the transition just wasn`t working for me. I wouldn`t wear my glasses as I should nor did I care for how they looked on me. When I discovered contacts I was in love, but of course, I had a problem - my eyes get sensitive and need a break. My eyes would completely just get irritated to the least bit of sunlight and I`d have to take my contacts out and let my eyes rest. Now I found a brand of contacts that don`t do that to me anymore, but during times like that, I rely on glasses. I have spares all over the place in the event I need them, but if I don`t like how they look on me they don`t do any good since I won`t wear them unless it`s an emergency. Seriously, I`m that bad with them. I mean I tend to find issues with them all the time. I either don`t like how they look on me, the fit, the feel or the glare, etc.   
Now I can finally say I found a pair I love and nothing to complain about except that it took me this long to find them! At Firmoo, I found the lenses (you see pictured) and used their technology to upload a photo of myself to "preview" how the glasses would look on me. I tried on a few pairs before deciding on the one pictured and I`m glad I tested them. Some I thought that looked great, just did not go with my face frame at all. Some made me look fat-faced some just looked plain ridiculous on me. Thankfully I found a pair that fits my face, don`t stand out in a bad way and just seemed to be a good fit for me. So once I figured what I wanted as far as frames go I customized my order based on my prescription and what features I would like with my glasses. 
Since the time of placing my order, my glasses were shipped and arrived rather quickly. Not a long waiting period as I have experienced with other companies. I was happy that they were what I expected - high-quality glasses. They are plastic frames, but they`re durable. They fit my measurements properly and everything was as I put in with my order. The glasses feel comfortable, don`t tickle my nose, they look great (at least I think), and most importantly I can see great out of them! Even outside of doing reviews I`ve purchased glasses from this company before out of my own pocket because of how great their quality is. Believe me, that says a lot when I`m a repeat customer! Great customer service, great products, and a great company!  
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