{Giveaway} Color-Glide® Pro Paint Applicator Tube #Review

About Color-Glide Pro

Company founder Scott Stevenson is the inventor of various applicator tube products over the past quarter-century and many of which have been used across the world. Applicator tubes are a package standard for a variety of products including cosmetics, pain reliefs, adhesives, and sun care. Over the years, Stevenson realized that one major area of concern and waste was in the household painting sector with millions of wasted gallons of paint each year. Most people store bulky paint cans in their garage until the labels are illegible and then delegated to just to taking up valuable space. Stevenson took a new approach to applicator tubes. Instead of selling a prefilled paint tube with thousands of paint colors to choose from, Color-Glide provides storage and painting systems used to manage already purchased paints. Color-Glide® Pro is an easy to use system to rid your home of bulky, hard-to-store paint cans by transferring the paint from the paint can into an easy to use tube. Now, organizing and quick painting jobs are done without any of the hassles of setting up or cleaning up.  
  my thoughts
Personally, I absolutely LOVE this tool! The Color-Glide Pro is a painting solution where an applicator tube is used instead of a paintbrush. It stores the paint inside the paint tube and acts as a paintbrush alternative. One of the things I hate about painting is the mess involved and that 9 times out of 10 the paintbrush dries up and generally if it doesn`t it still doesn`t work as well as it did when it was brand new. So overall a big pain in the butt process; particularly if you just need to paint a small spot on the wall or on your car or wherever.  
The clean up is very easy with it being in a tube. I found boiling in hot water after uses is a super quick and easy clean out method. I then let it air dry and it`s ready to go for the next time I use it. The tubes are a convenient size for patch up paint jobs and they`re also easy to store. I love that there`s no real work involved to use them. I like simplicity and that`s what these offers. If something needs to be painted over I can do it myself and not wait for my husband to get home to handle it. While this doesn`t seem like a bit deal or a major idea, it is AWESOME and definitely a time and convenience saver in my opinion. Looking for a great gift for dad this year? This would be awesome!