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{Giveaway} ProGrade Resistance Band #Review 
Resistance bands offer numerous workout benefits. When you use resistance bands, you improve your balance, strengthen isolated muscle groups, prevent injuries and challenge yourself increasingly and gradually. You can take resistance bands with you when you travel. With resistance bands, you can also create greater variety in your workouts. Resistance bands come in a variety of colors and sizes. Whether you are just starting an exercise regimen or are an advanced athlete, you can incorporate resistance bands into your workouts. You will want to buy the bands in a variety of sizes and tension levels. Some muscles in your body are stronger than others. You want varying tension levels to accommodate both your weaker and stronger muscles.  

Diversify Your Workout

When you use resistance bands it is like having an adjustable weight machine. You can customize your workouts. For example, when you do a bicep curl using resistance bands, you can make it a harder exercise by standing on the bands and holding a wider stance. Using a heavier band will also give you a more strenuous workout. Conversely, for an easier bicep curl, stand with only one foot on a lower tension band as you bend the arms. With resistance bands, you can say goodbye to boring workouts. With a weight machine you are limited in the muscle groups worked and the direction of the movement. Resistance bands afford you the flexibility of moving in all different directions. They can be used to deepen the strength of just about every muscle in the body. You can get creative with resistance bands and use them to both strengthen and stretch your muscles.  

Use Resistance Bands in Injury Recovery and Prevention

Although you often see resistance bands used at the gym or by fitness enthusiasts, they were first used in sports medicine for injury prevention and recovery. In sports training, a common goal is to work isolated muscles. This can`t always be done using weight machines. When the underused muscles are strengthened, this helps to prevent future injuries. If you are injured, resistance bands can come to the rescue. If you try to do strenuous exercise after an injury, you run the risk of harming yourself further. With resistance bands, you can exercise isolated muscles without burdening the muscles, tendons, joints and bones of the injured area. When you use resistance bands to exercise the injury-free parts of your body, you benefit from increased blood circulation, which assists with speeding up your recovery.  

The Convenience of Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can be easily packed into your suitcase when traveling. You don`t have to worry about finding a gym or skipping your regular workout. You have the convenience of exercising anywhere with enough floor space, even in your hotel room. All in all, resistance bands offer a wide range of benefits. You can diversify your workouts and strengthen isolated muscles. If you are injured, they offer a way to keep exercising safely. With resistance bands, you can maintain your workout regimen even when traveling.  
I`ll admit, I used to think resistant bands were dumb and didn`t see the point in them. I mean they`re just a band of some sort - what could that do. Well I was convinced to give them a try so I tried out the Green ProGrade Resistance Band and I have to say I see what everyone is talking about. This band is high quality, well made, and quite durable. This band is of professional Grade 100% Dipped Latex able to stand up to the most rigorous workout conditions. At first when using the band I figured "this isn`t going to do anything." I mean I felt some resistance, but it was easy to use. I simply stepped on the band, grabbed the handle in each hand, and moved my arms up and down, taking my time. After about 15 stretches (or whatever you call it) I could feel I was really working my arms out. Muscles I didn`t know were being worked were being felt.  
The green band is basically the "medium" level of resistance. I didn`t want the starter or easy level because I`ve used one before and it did nothing but tire me so it wasn`t enough resistance for me. The next band is the upper level and I`m far from that level of working out. I finally made it part of my daily routine to do some sort of working out to get back in shape. So every day I do situps, jumping jacks and now I`ll be using the resistance band. Nothing huge or major, but it`s more than what I was doing and I have to say, I feel more energized and overall better about myself since pushing forward, even though it`s not a lot, it makes a difference! 
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