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Gramma in a Box December 2021 Review Closetsamples
The reaction my son gives every time a new box arrives is always priceless! My son saw me bringing in the mail and saw the Gramma in a Box package and ways TOO excited! Seriously, it never gets old for him and he is ready to do it the moment it arrives!
The first time I tried it, the kids loved it. Once again, they were not left disappointed and this was the perfect little project to together as a family!
Here's the story behind Gramma in a Box:  
Gramma in a Box is an idea I developed when three of my grandchildren moved to Seattle. I was always boxing up cookies and treats that we could make together when we Skyped.  Once I shared this idea with other friends and family, the concept for Gramma in a Box was born! If you are lucky enough to live near your grandchildren, or as a parent you want to have a fun, creative project without all the work, then Gramma in a Box may be right for you.  Or, if you are like me, and your grandchildren do not live nearby, then shipping Gramma in a Box may just be the fun, monthly activity for you send.

How Gramma in a Box Works:

Each month you will receive a fun-filled box of treats to make. Your box includes almost everything you need to make and decorate up to 20 cookie and candy treats, including fresh homemade cookies, a variety of sprinkles and colored frosting, two easy candy crafts, a detailed instruction sheet with photos, as well as decorating ideas. Some months will also include holiday theme candy and cookies, such as Valentine's and St. Patrick's Day photos below. This will be a fun memory maker for children who do not live near their Gramma, or as a great activity for when Gramma visits!   
Gramma in a Box December 2021 Review Closetsamples 2
For our December 2021 box, we had the opportunity to enjoy a Holiday Treats-themed box! It comes with frosting, sprinkles, and even a toy top! Between the kids and my husband, everyone was trying to fight over who got to play with it first!
The themed snacks for this box was California Snowman Pops and Winter Wonderland Cookies. Of course, everything you need is already in the box (minus the bowl, spoon, and microwave of course!)
As with our previous boxes, the ingredients were fresh and the recipes were easy to follow. It's very kid and family-friendly. 
I particularly like that, on the recipe cards, they offer some "tips" where they are written out as Gramma says rather than simply writing 'tip' - it just makes it a bit more of a personalized experience rather than a standard recipe experience, to me. It gives it that feel that Gramma really did send it.
Also, on the back of the cards, the ingredients are listed for each recipe. For instance, it shows sugar cookies then proceeds to list the ingredients. So it shows are sugar cookies - flour, butter, cream cheese, eggs, vanilla extract. Then it also lists the allergens. Which in this case is displayed as ALLERGENS: contains wheat, dairy, and eggs. I love this so you can ensure it is okay for you and your loved ones to enjoy without it being harmful to them. You know exactly what is in the snacks you are making.
Since I do homeschool, as I often mention, I like to use these boxes as a fun little exercise as part of their lessons. The kids really LOVED getting to make their own treats, especially decorating the cookies! 
As with the previous box, instead of me starting the projects, I felt my kids were comfortable enough to follow the guides on their own. My daughter set everything up and followed the instructions for a few items and then she and my son did their own style (mixing the various ingredients for their own unique snack).
My 7-year-old son, once again, had an absolute blast with his creations as he always does. As I stated in the beginning, he looks forward to these boxes. The excitement that comes from him every month that we get our box is just something that is hard to describe. My daughter enjoys making and eating them too, but not nearly as much as my son.
My daughter tends to make a nice design on her cookies while my son tends to do the craziest things he can think of with the included ingredients. Either way, they have fun doing it and especially enjoy eating the cookies after!
Basically, Gramma in a Box is a fun and unique experience. Everything definitely tastes homemade. Everything is fresh. Best of all, it was a good excuse to spend a little time together doing something fun as a family. They are definitely worth trying and so far they have proven to be consistent with their quality! My kids get so excited when they see a box arrive in the mail!
It is with sad news that I announce that as of May 2022, Gramma in a Box is retiring and will no longer be available. 

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