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Heartwood & Oak Wine #Review

I am a HUGE wine drinker. I used to not be, but my trip to San Francisco, CA with some girl friends changed that when we did a wine tasting and I discovered there is wine that I actually enjoy! Since that trip, I have been trying various red wines as I discovered red wines are my thing as opposed to white wines. For regular alcohol, I like sweet and fruity. However, I learned that wines don't work quite the same as the "regular" alcohol options and that the red wine is what my taste buds enjoy. Crazy how that works! Well, along my journey of trying new wines, I have discovered Heartwood & Oak.

About Heartwood & Oak

We are really just wine guys. We have been in the industry for our entire careers and have been part of some great successes in the past. We don't know anything else and really don't want to be doing anything else. We love discovering new treasures and are excited to be able to bring them to our clients. Wine is not work for us, it is our passion. The history of the wine business has always been about barriers. The distance between the passionate winemaker and the enthusiastic consumer has often been a tortured road layered in the red tape of well-meaning officials trying to protect us from ourselves. The unintended consequence of an archaic system is that some of the best wine stories have never been told and some of the best wines never get through the system to the consumers that would appreciate them the most. The internet and the information age have changed all of that in a very exciting way. It is now possible for the passionate winemaker to tell his story (that is actually the easy part) and get his wines to the enthusiastic consumer (which is still a difficult task) without the filter of an overbearing bureaucracy. Put simply, that is how we fit in. Not to make the wine or write the story but just to be the conduit that allows the winemaker and the consumer to meet. Our team travels the planet in search of great wines and the amazing stories that are part of each one. It is an unending education, complicated wonderfully by vintage changes, winemaker philosophies, and the fact that the wine in the bottle is a living and changing entity. We are constantly awed by the fact that the wine we drank last night was completely different from the wine out of the same case that we drank last year and in ways that we could never have expected. We regard it as a great time to be alive and to have the opportunity to work with amazing vintners and classy enthusiasts.


All wine deliveries must be signed for by an adult over the legal drinking age (21+). Shipments will generally be delivered within 3–5 business days and require an adult signature at the time of delivery. If no one is available to sign for deliveries during the day, Heartwood & Oak recommends the use of a business address to ensure prompt delivery of your product. Shipping fees are non-refundable and restocking fees may apply for packages that are returned to Heartwood & Oak as undeliverable.

They ship to all states except: Alaska, Alabama, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Utah. Orders requesting delivery to states that prohibit alcoholic shipments will be void. They also adhere to all state aggregate volume limits on the shipping of wine. If you need more information on your state's limits you can contact them. In accordance with state laws, all orders are reviewed, accepted and processed by Drinks Licensing, LLC, a licensed vendor and all applicable taxes are paid.

Shipping Charges

  • 1-2 bottles – $14.95
  • 3-5 bottles – $15.95
  • 6-8 bottles – $17.95
  • 9 bottles – $18.95
  • 10-12 bottles – $19.95
  • 13-15 bottles – $24.95
  • 16-20 bottles – $40.90
  • 21-23 bottles – $42.90
  • 24-27 bottles – $44.90
  • 28-30 bottles – $49.90
  • 31-45 bottles – $74.85
  • 46-60 bottles – $99.80
  • 61-75 bottles – $124.75
  • 76-90 bottles – $149.70
  • 91+ bottles – $174.95

Join the Club!

Enjoy quality and convenience when you join the Heartwood & Oak Wine Club. Members get wonderful wine shipped directly to their door on a regular basis, keeping their shelves stocked with their pick of highly-rated wine, while avoiding the hassles of wine shopping. All that you have to do is choose red wine, white wine, or a mixed pack. Each contains 15 premium wines for the special introductory price of just $89.99 with FREE shipping. These wines retail for up to $39.99 per bottle, and include Gold Medal-winners like delicate and layered 2014 Le Parlement Bordeaux Blanc, and enticing 2014 Bear Hug Barrel Select Cabernet Sauvignon.
Included with your first order are 3 bonus bottles of indulgent 2014 Les Chartrons Bordeaux Superieur Rouge, bringing your total to 15 bottles in your first shipment. In your second shipment, we’ll include a FREE 7-Piece Deluxe Corkscrew Kit ($59.99 value). After that, they’ll send 12 of our best wines for only $12.49 per bottle, plus $19.95 for delivery, every 12 weeks. There's no commitment—you can cancel anytime.

How club membership works:

 Click the "Checkout" button below to receive your introductory selection of 15 premium wines for $89.99 with FREE shipping. Starting in about 12 weeks, and every 12 weeks thereafter, you will receive 12 bottles of wine at the regular price of $149.95 ($12.49 per bottle) plus $19.95 per delivery for shipping, billed to the credit card you provided.
•Membership is free
•Change your wine preference at anytime
•Skip a shipment or cancel at any time without cost or penalty
All orders subject to approval. Membership limited to one per household.

What I think

I absolutely love red wine, well, at least the right kind. My shipment from Heartwood & Oak was definitely an awesome one. I was immediately impressed by the packaging. Everything was well packaged to ensure a safe delivery - which it was. The box was thick and sturdy and the the bottles were all carefully placed into a holder (which my cats love, by the way) to keep them from falling and smashing into each other. Once I got passed the great packaging and quick shipment, it was on to the taste testing! I received 12 full bottles of red wine based off what I enjoy.

Here's the wines I received:

2014 Cala De Poeti Maremma Toscana

#1  2013 Cala De Poeti Maremma Toscana {$34.99}

Maremma is Italy’s Wild West. This gorgeous section of Tuscan coastline is a landscape of white sandy beaches, umbrella pines, strawberry trees, oak trees and heather that gives way as one drives inland to classic rolling hills covered in olive trees and magnificent vineyards. This beautiful land’s sun, sand, clay, and sea breezes unite to impart the meticulously pruned grapes in 2014 Cala de Poeti Maremma with an exceptional quality.

Pour a glass of this complex, ruby red Tuscan favorite and savor intense, vinous aromas that lead into a dry, fruity flavor that summons cherries, blackberries, and violets. The soft tannins and persistent finish make Cala de Poeti Maremma the ideal pairing for highly flavorful foods like grilled red meat, lasagna, and aged cheeses.

96-point Platinum Medal - 2017 Winemaker Challenge Wine Competition

Gold Medal - 2017 International Eastern Wine Competition

2015 Big Cirrus Single Vineyard Cabernet Carmérère

#2  Big Cirrus Cabernet Sauvignon/Carmenere {$39.99}

The Chilean wine scene has exploded over the last decade, with critics heaping praise on impressive vintages coming from the countryside’s new estates. This beautiful, single-vineyard Cabernet Carmènére from Big Cirrus represents all of Chile’s winemaking progress, and justifies its accolades. Charming aromas of ripe raspberries and currants tie into the wine’s ruby red hue.

As you sip, you’ll enjoy subtle flavors of herbs, white pepper and vanilla, intertwining to create a highly pleasing red that we’re excited to add to our library of incredible Chilean wines.

2015 Geja`s Private Reserve Big Bold Red

#3  Geje's Big Bold Red {$14.99}

This exciting new vintage of a multiple award-winning favorite stays true to its name. 2015 Geja’s Big Bold Red has a fresh and forward profile that starts with intense fruit aromas and follows through with ripe flavors of dark cherry and rhubarb, topped off by tasty notes of mocha and vanilla. The result is a smooth and highly drinkable California red that you are sure to enjoy.

Gold Medal - 2017 West Coast Wine Competition

Silver Medal - 2017 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

Silver Medal - 2017 Winemaker Challenge Wine Competition

2015 Vista De La Luna Pinot Noir

#4  Vista De La Luna Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 {$29.99}

Located near the capital city of Santiago, Chile’s Central Valley has enjoyed a rapid rise in reputation on the international wine scene. This elegant, light-bodied Pinot Noir opens with graceful aromas of sweet cherries, strawberries and a slight earthiness, followed by soft flavors of vanilla, light oak and ripe raspberry. #5  Nectar Grenache Noir 2015 #6  Vai Di Botte Nero D'Avola

2015 Abbazia Dolcetto d`Alba D.O.C

#7  Abbazia Dolcetto D Alba 2015 {$34.99}

Just seeing the word Alba makes us excited. Known as the gourmet capital of Italy, Alba produces mouthwatering white truffles, savory cheeses, homemade pastas, roasted meats, and exquisite wines to go with it all. Known as the “Shy” Italian, Dolcetto D’Alba is made to be enjoyed during your nightly meal, especially one featuring tomatoes. Dolcetto is dry and velvety, with flavors of blackberry and boysenberry.

Silver Medal - 2017 International Eastern Wine Competition

Silver Medal - 2016 Sommelier Challenge Wine Competition

Bronze Medal - 2016 New York International Wine Competition

2015 Big Cirrus Syrah

#8  Big Cirrus Syrah 2015 {$23.99}

The Maule Valley in central Chile is gaining a reputation as the place for Syrah grapes, as their noble wines grown in demand and popularity. Enjoy fruit flavors of blueberry and blackberry, with hints of pepper, violets, clove and vanilla with every sip of this beautiful Reserva wine.

#9  Poco A Poco Tempranillo 2015 #10  Nguillea Merlot 2015 - Valle Central

2014 Qapay Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva

#11  Qapay Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon {$24.99}

Central Chile’s Maule Valley possesses some of the country’s oldest vineyards, and is currently undergoing a renaissance, producing innovative wines like Qapay Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon. This exciting red has concentrated dark berry flavors and an herbaceous vibe. Start here if you want to explore the wines of Chile, the new hotspot for the oenophile set.

#12  2015 Haut Vignac Perigord Immediately I noticed how each were different. No two wines were alike. I found that each of the wines I tasted were high quality. One thing I learned over my wine tasting experience is that higher price does not always mean higher quality. I've had cheap (and I mean under $10 cheap) wines that tasted amazing and expensive (over $40 per bottle) taste terrible. It's all in your palette and what you enjoy. The wines I tasted from Heartwood & Oak I believe to be reasonably priced for the quality of wine and the service that you get. As far as the website goes, it's pretty easy to navigate and is self-explanatory.

If I could change one thing about it, it would be the ability to search for a particular wine. As you probably noticed, not all of the wines I received have links. That's because I could not find all the wines listed and I did not notice a search option in the event I just overlooked them. So if I could make a recommendation, it would be to add a search bar. Also, as a wine club lover, I would recommend, if it's possible to include an information card about each wine and recommendation for pairings and how to serve them.

One thing I learned was not all wines taste great with the same thing. Some taste great with pasta, some with spicy items, some with sweet. However, a single wine does not taste great with all - believe me! Also some wines are great at room temperature while others taste better chilled. Some wine bottles will make suggestions, but not all. So this could pose a challenge to those, like myself, who are not fluent in wine. Again, this is merely a suggestion to help user improvement. Overall I had a wonderful experience and would definitely recommend Heartwood & Oak wines to anyone who was considering jumping on the wine club band wagon! You definitely will not be disappointed!

HURRY, Get Free Shipping on orders $75 + at Heartwood & Oak Wine! No coupon code required, discount applied at checkout.

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