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I am a big fan of CBD Oil. I have tried various brands and various forms. One thing I have learned is that not all CBD products are equal. Just because it is CBD, does not mean that it is quality CBD. With that said, I have discovered a CBD company: Injoy Premium CBD. I was so stoked to discover this company and to have the opportunity to try out their Go Strong Premium CBD Sports Bundle! What works out even better for me is the fact that the day this kit arrived, I happened to have slept wrong and had been locked up from excessive cleaning over the past few days before. So I was well prepared to fully try this stuff out for my pain relief!

About Injoy Premium CBD

Their product line is Organically Grown in the United States, THC Free, Pure (Tested by a 3rd party for Pesticides, heavy metals, microbial or mycotoxins and is non-GMO) All farms are fully compliant with the State Department of Agriculture using the strictest of current testing and compliance standards and FDA Regulated and compliant. On top of all of that, their Gummies are VEGAN and the whole line was formulated by Dr’s who spent years studying the endocannabinoid system to ensure only the finest in bio availability. This means that this product is tested for safeness, has full traceability from seed to you. It also means that each product works the way it was meant to work best with our body's system.
In the bundle, you will receive four products (2 are the same but in different sizes). The Bundle Contains:
  • GO Strong Premium CBD Muscle Relief Cream 15mL
  • GO Strong Premium CBD Muscle Relief Cream 50mL
  • Go Strong Premium CBD Freeze Roll On
  • Go Strong Premium CBD Pain Relief Back Patch
In my case, I was also sent an additional chapstick and sunscreen as it is a new item. I will check out each item individually below. The bundle is $205.79, but is currently on sale for $165.95 - HECK YEA!! You know I love a discount!  

GO Strong Premium CBD Muscle Relief Cream

This proprietary liposomal preparation has significantly enhanced the skin penetration for maximal CB-2 receptor penetration. Their CBD hemp extract healing relief cream can help with muscle aches and joint ailments. Most creams on the market get trapped in the upper layers of the skin where they have no receptor binding. By improving the depth of penetration, they maximize the therapeutic potential of the product. Experience the soothing comfort of being pain-free. Great for chronic conditions. Their proprietary liposomal blend also offers relief through our 2% menthol providing an initial cooling sensation to the applied area.
My Thoughts: This cream is pretty nice! As you can see, in the kit you get two sizes of the same product. One is a 50ml bottle and the smaller one is a 15ml bottle, both with the same ingredients. I like the two sizes because I can keep one in my cabinet at home and one in my purse in case I need it while I'm out and about. The cream has a lotion-like texture that is light-weight and absorbs rather well into the skin. There is no burning or irritation, for me, while using the lotion. You will notice a slight 'tingle' but it's not nearly as strong as I have felt with other muscle relief products. To me, I find the 'tingle' comforting and feels good.
I find the cream doesn't get rid of pain instantly as say pain medication would. In fact, with CBD products I notice that how it works, for the most part from my experience, is you get some relief, but over time from using the product is when you will be pain-free. Again, just my experience I've noticed over time trying various products. So if you're needing instant relief, this is not it. This is to help over time. I find you get comfort and some relief, but not full-on, "all the pain is gone" type of relief. At least, for my issues. Now, if it's just a sore achy muscle, nothing super strenuous, this will most likely provide the right amount of relief you need. It all varies from the type of pain and to what degree of pain you are into what and how much relief you will get. I hope that helps explain it a bit. 
Regardless, I've been using this stuff daily throughout the day in combination with the other products and am definitely pleased with how it has been making a difference over the days I have been using it! 

GO Strong Premium CBD Muscle Relief Patch 

This may help Back pain, Arthritis, Muscle Soreness & Joint pain. This maximum strength formula may deliver strong, safe, and lasting pain relief and may reduce inflammation and includes:
  • Lidocane
  • Menthol
Their Proprietary blend of ingredients contains menthol and the highest does of lidocaine possible. The psychoactive properties of cannabis have been removed, making it suitable for adults and children over 12, to use safely. Go Strong Premium CBD Muscle Relief Patch can be used during normal daily activities and is compatible with drug testing.
  • For adults and children 12 and up
  • Latex-Free
  • THC-Free
  • Non-GMO ingredients
So this one I wasn't much of a fan of, however, I have a lot more respect for the company after my experience. Let me explain. I reached out to Injoy to let them know I was having issues as far as the patch goes. I found that was not successful to me at all. The reason I didn't like the patch is that unlike similar type patch products, this one felt more like a sticky tape type product. While it stuck, it hurt coming off as it was like ripping tape off. In my case, I tried it on my shoulder and lower back. It was very uncomfortable as it felt unbreathable to my skin to wear and made it difficult to move those areas. When removing the patches, I had heavy residue around the edges (I only wore them for about 20-30 minutes, not even several hours as I had planned because of the discomfort). With those items combined, I don't feel as if the patch did anything to help with pains. Maybe the discomfort of the patch took away from that, I'm not sure. I had explained that maybe I received a defective product or if it wasn't a defect, it may be something they would want to look into. 
I received this response back: "Thank you so much for the feedback on this Ashley.  I will definitely look into that and apply some myself as well as have a few other people try other packages to see if it has the same effect or if heat etc affected the product.  Unlikely with sticky and unbreathable in my opinion... If needed, I'll reformulate or take it out of the product line.
Additionally, I was encouraged to still leave my HONEST opinion about the patch! So while this product didn't work for me, I was very pleasantly surprised by the company's response which made me feel a lot more comfortable with them and gain my trust. 

Go Strong Premium CBD Freeze Roll-On

Their proprietary liposomal preparation has significantly enhanced the skin penetration for maximal CB-2 receptor penetration. Our CBD hemp extract healing relief cream can help with muscle aches and joint ailments. Most creams on the market get trapped in the upper layers of the skin where they have no receptor binding. By improving the depth of penetration, we maximize the therapeutic potential of the product. Experience the soothing comfort of being pain free. Great for chronic conditions. Their proprietary liposomal blend also offers relief through our 2% menthol providing and initial cooling sensation to the applied area.
This is probably my favorite out of the line of products I tried from Injoy. It's easy to apply with the roller ball application so I don't even have to touch it (minus where it's actually being applied to)! It applies on smoothly and is a wet liquid for a minute or so. However, it does absorb into the skin quickly and the cooling effect will slowly begin. Additionally, I love the cooling effect of the freeze roll on. For me, with sore muscles, having that cooling feeling really makes a difference in my relief. I use this one a few times throughout the day (it advises you can use up to 4 times in a day) so I'm curious to see how long this one lasts me with as much as I have been using it because I enjoy it so much. It also has 1500mg of CBD per bottle too, which makes it even better!

Go Strong Premium CBD SPF 18 Intensely Hydrating Age-Defying Lip Balm

This one is brand new and not even on their website yet! However, I can tell you I am thoroughly enjoying it! Seriously, I have been applying it several times per day since it arrived.
The lip balm has no flavor to it and applies just as you would with any lip balm. It applies smoothly and I have found it has helped moisturize my lips as well as provide a nice protecting layer from the sun. Of course, there's no way I know the science of how well it is protecting, but my lips are feeling nice! 

Go Strong Premium CBD Sun Shield SPF 45

Again, this is a new product not even listed on the website yet. This particular product is made to help prevent sunburn and protect your skin. It is paraben-free, GMO-free, THC-free, and even made in the USA (like with all the other products). What's neat is that the Sun Shield retains the SPF protection for up to 2 hours after activity in the water, sweating, or perspiring!
Like the muscle relief cream, this has a lotion-like, cream texture. It applies smoothly and absorbs into the skin quite well without any issues. There is no tingling with this product. It's just like applying your typical skin cream or something of that nature. No discomfort. No irritation. I haven't used this one as much as we've been mostly indoors with this cooler weather, however, come summertime best believe it will be getting the ultimate test! Regardless, I did give it a try for about an hour or so that we were outdoors and I didn't burn or turn red. However, given the current weather, it wouldn't be fair for me to say if it works really well or not just yet.
Ultimately I have had a very pleasing experience with Injoy. Their products have been amazing and the customer service is top-notch. I wasn't sure of the quality I was getting when I first agreed to try their products, but after my experience, I am definitely not disappointed. Well worth the investment!
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