Are you looking to get in shape but have limited time, like me? Check out MASHUP! Get 15-minute digital workouts. About MASHUP™, “The Evolution of HIIT “, is a Variable-intensity interval training (VIIT) program that allows participants to attain true HIIT intervals combined with Mind/Body and Agility & Strength at 3 different fitness levels. Every workout challenges the entire body in numerous ways whether you are performing Mind/Body (yoga/pilates), Agility & Strength, or High-intensity interval movements. MASHUP™Co-founders, Jamie Zacharias, RN, MSN-Nurse Practitioner, Cooper CPT, and Stacey Redwine, BS Exercise Phys/Pre-Physical Therapy, ACE CPT, have been in the health and fitness industry for 15 + years. Being busy moms, wives, and health/fitness professionals, they themselves don’t have much time to stay healthy. With that said, they developed unique science-generated formats that deliver one of the safest and most effective ways to workout and achieve desired results in less time. **If you have enjoyed MASHUP™`s workouts, help support the brand`s growth on Indiegogo to give more people access to it`s program here.
What I think When I first heard of this I figured "great, another one.." because these kinds of companies are all over the internet, but they`re the same old thing. I found that Booya Fitness was easy to follow, had a clean cut website and everything is just much easier to understand. I love that the workouts are all 15-16 minutes long. They go at a slow pace so it`s easy for beginners to keep up or to, in general, learn the workout move. Each video has a description, tells you what (if any) equipment is needed and the amount of calories you can expect to burn assuming you do them correctly. With an account on Booya Fitness, you can see how many videos you watched and the total amount of calories you burned from completing those workouts. Again, that`s assuming you watched the videos through and completed them as directed. You are also linked to some relevant nutricion, health, and fitness tips that are posted through their blogging page. For instance, the three articles that show on my account page are: Overall I am very pleased with this website and the workouts. I`m just amazed at how simple and clean cut it all is, yet very informative at the same time. It`s not overwhelming and it`s perfect for those who are just beginning and even those who are trying to stay healthy, but with limited time. I`m very impressed and would definitely recommend it to anyone considering signing up. join now