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McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner #Review

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About the item:

The McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner is an affordable, durable steam cleaning option for inside and outside your home. This portable steam cleaner has a canister design and large wheels to quickly move from room to room or from indoors to your patio. Its heavy-duty design and 18 impressive accessories make it ideal for tough cleaning jobs in garages, workshops, car wheels and grills. No job is too small though; it`s also great for cleaning hard floors, glass, kitchen appliances, counters, and bathrooms.

Compact Design

While it`s durable and offers heavy-duty wheels, this model only weighs 10 pounds. Easily carry it by the handle or wheel it to different locations. The dimensions are (H x D x W): 13.5 x 17.2 x 10.5 inches.

Up to 45 Minutes of Steam

Use the included measuring cup (16 ounces) and water funnel to insert the correct amount of water. 16 ounces will give you about 15 minutes of steam cleaning. Fill the reservoir completely (48 ounces) for up to 45 minutes of sanitizing.

18 Versatile Accessories

This affordable steam cleaner includes multiple accessories you can expect from cleaners that are much more expensive and hard to maintain. They include:
  • Steam Jet Nozzle: Focuses steam and serves as base for smaller brushes like utility brushes and scrub pad. Ideal for eliminating dirt, grease, and grime from cracks, cleaning metal, running shoes, golf clubs, kitchens, and various other items around your home.
  • Steam Lock Switch: Press this down for continuous steam without having to hold down the steam button.
  • Microfiber Pads: Washable and easy to add, these are great for cleaning nearly any floor type, including: Sealed hardwoods, sealed laminate, marble, tile, stained concrete, linoleum, vinyl, and granite.
  • Extension Wands: Use with the mop attachments for hard-to-reach places and sanitizing items high off the ground.
  • Mop Head: Use for sanitizing hard floors like sealed hardwoods, granite, tile, and more.
  • Squeegee: Clean mirrors, windows, and other smooth surfaces.
  • Triangle Brush: Attach this for cleaning corners and other areas with tough angles.
  • Utility Brushes: Use the nylon brushes for extra power against tough dirt and stains on stove tops, faucets, tile, grout, refrigerators, bathtubs, sports equipment, and toys. The brass brushes are perfect for removing stuck-on grease on grills, ovens, and more. Note: the brass brushes aren`t to be used on delicate surfaces that can be scratched, like stainless steel.
  • Scrub Pad: Connect to the steam jet nozzle to scrub dirt and scuffs from various surfaces like stone, slate, glazed tile, and grout.
  • Steam Hose: This long hose is durable and allows a direct path for steam.

Additional Features

  • Lightweight - weighs less than 10 pounds
  • On/Off Switch - lights up when powered on
  • Steam Ready Light - displays when the boiler has heated and it`s ready to clean
  • Onboard Storage - a place on top of the steam cleaner for placing accessories
  • Carrying Handle - pick it up or roll it to the room you clean next
  • Measuring Cup - for ideal amount of water for the tank
  • Heat Up Time - water heats up and is ready to go in 8 minutes
What I think For those who follow and read my posts regularly, you guys know we have two young children and a house full of pets: 11 cats and a dog to be exact. Cleaning is something that must be done daily in our house. If we don`t well, the next day it looks like we haven`t cleaned in months. So, of course, we`re always on the market for the best cleaning products and doing things that are safe for our kids and pets. Now I will say, I have a regular steam mop that I love already, however, it does not have an attachment for me to clean the grout on my tile floors. Since most of my house has tile floors, this was the feature that most attracted me to this particular steamer. Plus, it`s smaller and easier to store between uses. So to get started, I figured I would try it out in a smaller area of our house just to get a feel for it`s operation and how to use it and such. So I figured I`d do the hallway. To use is easy. First, fill the water reservoir. It comes with a small funnel to make this easier and mess free. Next, plug it is - be sure to remove the plastic covering over the plug if it`s the first time using. Then, flip the switch to on and wait. You need to wait 2-8 minutes, depending on how much water you put in the tank. When it is ready, the "steam ready" light will shut off and you can begin using it. McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner #Review I chose to use the small wire brush since my ultimate goal was to have clean grout and I needed something strong that could handle the task. My grout is a brownish/black color depending on the spot. Obviously, it should be a white or cream sort of color, meaning my tile grout is disgusting! To top it off, the wood door way floor covering was covered in gunk. Using a carpet cleaner and my other steam mop just could not get it off. So this steamer got the ultimate test from me. Getting the grout clean with the wire bristles was a breeze! Seriously! I squeezed the trigger to allow the steam to flow through and scrubbed back and forth with just a bit of effort. I wasn`t extremely light, but I wasn`t putting all my body weight into the scrubbing either. The scrubber was working great. All the dirt and grime was coming right up. Of course, since the steamer has water come out, I found that using a towel to wipe up the excess water made things a bit easier. Now, this process is time consuming because it is a small wire head, but it sure beats having to get on my hands and knees with a tooth brush and scrubbing with all my mite to get the bare minimum of cleaning done. After that area was cleaned, I moved to the door way wood bored. Using a scraper would end up damaging the wood, but nothing else would work. So I used the round green, coarse, sponge-like attachment to scrub that sucker clean. I started off with the wire bristles, but that attachment was only good for the lighter dirt areas of the wood. For the center, where the majority of the gunk was, it only all got caught and built up in the attachment. So I gave the other one a try. Now, I did have to put a decent amount of muscle into it, but I got that bored almost back to it`s original clean look. It`s just showing how worn down it is, rather than how dirty it is. The only bad part is, that attachment did not hold up well at all. I managed to just barely finish getting it clean before it completely ripped off; making that piece no longer of any use. Granted, that wasn`t exactly meant for that, but still wish it would have held up a bit better. Hey, not their fault though. I used it outside of its intended purpose. I also decided to steam clean the doors from just basic use getting a bit dirty. No where near as nasty (at least appearance wise) as the floors, but just from germs from overall every day use. For that purpose, I sprayed the steam over it, took a towel and wiped it down. If you need to remove marker, crayon, etc, you will need to use an actual cleaner rather than this process. As much as I absolutely love this steamer, there are a couple things that could be done to improve it. One issue I had was the long power cord. I love the length of it. It`s great; especially for large areas. However, there`s no where to wrap the cord. So when you`re done, it`s sort of just junked up there. I do wish they had a way to wrap the cord nicely or like the "old school" vacuums - where you slightly tug on it and it auto retracts back into a hidden compartment. My next suggestion would be an attachment holder. I love that this thing comes with tons of various attachments of various styles and textures. However, there`s no place on the unit to store them or even a bag/box to store them in. I am the type of person who will lose all these (eventually) if not kept together; as I`m sure many others can relate. Of course, a trip to the dollar store and you can get a storage box to keep them all in and just label it, so it`s not a huge deal, but would certainly make an improvement on this item. The same goes for the hose of the steamer (where the steam flows through). There`s really no where to attach it. They have a small piece that attaches to the top of the unit that can hold the piece that is attached to the hose, but there`s really no where to wrap the hose, so it just stays kind of junked up where ever you put it. Overall, I love this unit. It works well. It`s well constructed. It is easy to use. It comes with an easy to follow instruction manual. Basically, this one covers all the areas other steams I have owned do not. While it is not without flaw, I would still purchase it and recommend it to others in a heartbeat. Tip: Don`t Use in Certain Areas: Hot steam means the end of germs and dirt, but you shouldn`t use this heavy-duty steam cleaner on unsealed floors or unglazed ceramic floors. buy now
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