Microwave Splatter Cover
Did you know you could use a damp coffee filter to prevent splatters in the microwave? Well you can! Coffee filters are versatile tools. They de-stink your shoes, clean your LCD screens, and let you eat popsicles drip-free. They also do wonders for containing messes in the microwave. All you need is a damp-to-wet coffee filter places over a bowl, plate, or other dish: Keep the microwave clean by covering food with coffee filters. It`s safer than using plastic wrap and keeps the splatters to a minimum. If I do get splatters, I put a wet filter in the microwave, turn it on for 15 seconds and then wipe the softened foodstuff off with the wet filter. Wait until the filter cools off a bit, first. If some splatters manage to pass through your makeshift barrier, you can just use the filter to wipe them off.   Of course - who wants to use up all their expensive coffee filters? Especially if you`re a coffee drinker using the "old school machines" that require filters... this would just be a big "no-no" and not happening. So instead why not check out the Microwave Oven Baking Cooking Splatter Guard?  
The Microwave Oven Baking Cooking Splatter Guard is such a simple design, but so useful to prevent splatter in most sized bowls! The microwave splatter cover measures approximately 10" x 12" and is BPA-free. It even has steam release holes so you don`t burn yourself from the steam when taking it off your bowl after it`s been heated. My favorite time to use this? When making quick meals such as Spaghetti O`s or other similar products that splatter and stain the microwave! Although cleaning the microwave is super easy (microwave hot water with a little bit of dish soap for 5 minutes then let it sit in there for 15 minutes then wipe clean), it`s also an annoying chore for me. So if I can prevent it then things are much better. Well the lid works great. The sauce splatters onto the splatter guard rather than all over the microwave making less cleaning work for me! So I can`t complain!
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