First off, I want to state that I did NOT get these free of charge. I purchased these products from Country Suds and loved them so much I wanted to share them with you. I hadn't tried the Country Suds Cosmetics line yet, so I was super excited. You may remember my excitement for my first time trying Country Suds that I wrote about here.
With that said, this time, I made a small order, which included trying the CS Cosmetics Ultimate Volume Mascara and the Lipstain Conference Packaging Special (currently only available for consultants).
The first thing I tried was the mascara. First, I love the tube. It's uniquely designed and easy to handle. Nothing too fancy, just a bit different and enough to stand out. When I applying it, the first thing I noticed was how lightweight it felt. Like, it felt natural. It didn't feel like I had anything on, yet, I could visibly see the improvement of my lashes with each stroke. The more you stroke on your lashes, the fuller and more volume they get. So you ultimately decide to what degree you want your lashes. For me, I prefer a bit of a more natural look so I didn't lay it on too much. The mascara lasted all day and when I was ready to get it off, it was easily able to be removed without rubbing my lashes out! Basically, this waterproof & smudge-proof mascara dramatically defines, lengthens, and lifts for fuller-looking lashes, without any annoying clumps for dramatically full and voluminous lashes. 
Next, I tried the lip stain. I'm not quite sure when this will be available for shoppers, but it is available for consultants only currently and you can always join to become a Country Suds consultant for free. The packaging you see in my photo was from leftover items from the conference they had and the final packaging is supposed to be different once it does come out. As of this post though, August 12th, 2019, this is not out for the general public. With that noted, I love the lip stain. It's easy to apply, and unlike other similar stains, I can easily wipe it off if I mess up the application. While it does stay on, my biggest issue with lip stains in the process of getting it perfect then removing those error lines. With this one, it's simple and not a pain in the butt. The color you see me wearing is the "alarming: which I wasn't too sure about at first, but I actually really like the color on me! I definitely plan on giving another color or two a try when I get a chance. I was tempted to order several colors but didn't want to risk it since I wasn't sure how I would like it and they are $15.00 each. Plus, I'm also with Avon and love their cosmetics so me buying other cosmetics is a really big push.
Needless to say, I really love the items I tried from the cosmetic line and while they are a little more expensive to what I'm used to paying per cosmetic item, I found the quality definitely matched to make it worth the investment. I highly recommend giving Country Suds a try!