I want to start off by stating that I did not receive anything for free. I did not get paid for this review. I am not an affiliate for Revive nor is it an MLM Company. So why am I sharing? Because they are amazing! Literally, the only thing I stand to gain from this post is a $10 coupon towards my next purchase if you're a first-time shopper. So not very much.
For me, I noticed Revive's sponsored posts all over Facebook: "Why I quit Young Living" or something like that. My mom is a part of Young Living and claims they're great and work well for her. For me, I just enjoy diffusing oils and I do enjoy the Young Living Vitality line to add some lemon to my water. They're too expensive for my budget so that's a rare treat for me. I'm generally happy with the cheaper essential oils and such. However, the Revive EO Facebook ads I kept seeing I noticed had tons of comments. So as I was in bed scrolling with nothing better to do I decided I was going to read through the comments. What are others saying? Are they a ripoff? Is their stuff good? Well, reading through there were a TON of positive testimonials on how great they are and how they are the same quality and were providing users with the same benefits but at a lower cost. This lower cost comes in because they cut out the middle man of the MLM so you're paying strictly for the product. I'm familiar with MLMS and have nothing against them - just expensive.
I like Young Living. I like DoTerra. But those prices in addition to the shipping plus long wait to get the product is a huge turn-off. I've also seen tons of complaints on the terrible customer service of Young Living whereas I saw nothing but praises towards Revive. I noticed how quick they are to respond to questions and share the information on their oils and such. So I gave in and gave Revive a try. I made a small order - 8 items for roughly $98 AND FREE shipping! Additionally, my oils arrived to me within a week.
For me, I ordered their:
  • Organic Lavender
  • Sweet Orange
  • Vetiver
  • Organic Lemon
  • Energy
  • Christmas Morning
  • Ache Away
  • and The Works 
I used the roll-on for my neck area that's always locked up. I apply it as needed. No tingling or anything yet seems to be making a difference. I'm used to needing that strong cooling sensation and these are not doing that. So that's been a plus. Additionally, I tried the lemon, sweet orange, and lavender in some water. Each is the same quality as Young Living from what I've tried! Lavender is still a bit too strong for me with just 1 drop in a 10oz bottle, but mix it with another flavor or put it in a juice it's amazing! The organic lemon I add 3-4 drops to my water and it tastes great! The sweet orange, just 2 drops do it for me. Delicious and a better alternative to the sugary drink mixes!
As for diffusing, I immediately tried energy and today I'm using the Christmas morning. Both smell absolutely amazing! What really stuck out to me though it the strong fragrance. Maybe strong isn't the right term. However, compared to my "cheap" essential oils I use (which I still think smell nice) I notice an indescribable quality difference between the fragrance, the strength, and how this one actually fills the room compared to the cheaper stuff that you get hints of the fragrance. It's honestly hard to explain, but I certainly noticed a difference with the oil quality simply with diffusing. 
Take a look at the quick little video I made about Revive: 
Check out the Revive website and you can see a comparison chart of their oils with Young Living and DoTerra - as in their version of some of those popular oils. You can also see suggested uses, ingredients, etc. 
This post isn't to pit anyone against essential oil companies. Like who you like. I'm open to trying any brand or company as I'm a fan of oils in general. However, I have to be honest and say for the price and quality, along with the customer service, free shipping, and free returns (they cover the return shipping!), I have to honestly say, Revive Essential Oils are now my absolute favorite and I cannot express that enough. I highly recommend them and can't wait to try out some more of their oils!