NEW Softsoap BRAND Luminous Oils Body Washes #Review About SoftSoap:
Softsoap is the trade name of Colgate-Palmolive`s liquid hand soap and body wash. William Sheppard of New York was granted patent number 49,561 for his “Improved Liquid Soap on August 22, 1865, for his discovery that a small amount of conventional soap could be mixed with large amounts of spirits of ammonia (or hartshorn, as it was known at the time) to create a soap with a consistency of molasses. His invention became common in public areas, but could generally not be found in homes. In 1980, entrepreneur Robert R. Taylor (died August 29, 2013) began selling his product as Softsoap through his company, Minnetonka Corp. in Chaska, Minnesota. Taylor knew others would copy the soap-in-a-pump-bottle idea, so he shrewdly purchased 100 million small bottle hand-pumps from the only two U.S. manufacturers that made them, so that any competitors wouldn`t be able to buy any for one year - enough time for him to establish the brand name. It worked; in six months, he sold $25 million worth of Softsoap. The package made it very easy to spot on store shelves when nearly all other soaps were in bar form. Taylor sold the Softsoap brand to Colgate-Palmolive in 1987.
  MyReview I absolutely love using the Softsoap brand! I use their body wash all the time as well as their hand soaps. I remember using them growing up and continue to hold that in my household as well. Well guess what?! They have a new product line of body wash soaps and I just tried the 2 new scents, and you guessed it, I love them all! Currently, the two available fragrances are:
  • Avocado Oil & Iris
  • Macadamia Oil & Peony
*Suggested retail price is $2.97 for a 15-ounce bottle and is available at mass retail, drug, and grocery stores nationwide! Can I just say WOW! As usual and at no surprise, each scent was new, refreshing and each soap was of high quality. I love the package design and look. It`s a slight bit different than their typically "smooth bottle" design. I know, it sounds cheesy, but sometimes it`s the small things like that that make the real difference. I love the scent of each one as it is a bit unique to others I have used. They are not overpowering or too strong, yet they give a nice enough scent so you feel clean after using the body wash and still smell good as well. Of course I have to confess, after trying these luminous Oils Body Washes, I don`t know if Softsoap will be able to top these in their future lines  - unless they do them with essential oils. Ooh... speaking of which... can you do it Softsoap? Can ya, can ya?? Enough of my jumping up and down begging for another line as if I don`t have enough! Just look at my photo and that`s just SOME of my Softsoap body washes. I don`t stick to just one scent, I use whatever I am in the mood for. Like I said, they`re a favorite brand for my family. As I said, Softsoap is a favorite brand of mine and has been before I started ever reviewing their products. I intend to keep using their products for sure because not only are they a nice quality, but they`re affordable as well. If you haven`t already check your local retail stores to find the new scents and give them a try!