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NewAir WAT10W Pure Spring Water Filtration Bottle #Review If you already have a NewAir Water dispenser, then you`re going to love their water filter! Here`s what the company describes:
NewAir WAT10W Pure Spring Top Loading Water Bottle Filters 211 Gallons  The NewAir WAT10W 3 Gallon Pure Spring Top Loading Water Bottle with a Carbon Filter keeps your water dispenser full by filtering your tap water, allowing you to enjoy clean, fresh-tasting water without spending money buying water bottles. This filtration system is universally compatible and is designed to all major water dispensers. It sits on top of your water dispenser, like a ordinary water bottle, providing high-quality drinking water at a fraction of the cost. It`s convenient, easy, and a cost-effective way to make easy savings with a brand you can trust. 100% BPA-Free Material Ensures Drinking Water is Clean & Healthy The WAT10W is made from plastic that is 100% BPA-Free. BPA is a synthetic, organic compound used to make certain types of plastics. Unfortunately, it can seep into water and increase your risk for health problems. To esnsure safety and quality, the NewAir WAT10W is completely BPA-free. The water it provides is as clean and healthy as possible. NewAir cares about the quality of their products, as this water bottle also comes with an NSF certification. Carbon Filter Removes Chemicals & Contaminants The WAT10W comes with 1 carbon filter that traps and absorbs the chemcials and harmful particles in your water supply. As water passes through the filter, harmful particles and other contaminents adhere to the surface of the carbon or get caught in the carbon`s pores, so nothing but pure drinking water comes out. The carbon filter WAT10-FIL a life span of 6 months which is the equivalent to 211 gallons of water. The replacement filter is easy to install, simply remove the top chamber on the water bottle, unscrew the old filter, and screw in the new one. The whole process takes less than a minute. Filtration Bottle Can Filter Up To 211 Gallons The bottle is divided into two chambers. The top chamber holds over 1.3 gallons, while the bottom chamber holds over 1.7 gallons, for a total of 3.04 gallons. The bottle has an easy lift top that lets you refill it without removing it from the top of the water dispenser. No more carrying or lifting heavy bottles. The WAT10W makes it easy to enjoy fresh drinking water in the comfort of your home 24/7. The clear plastic design allows all users to easily identify when they need to top up the filtration system with more water. Cost Effective & A Great Money Saver Because the WAT10W filters tap water, it is smarter and it costs much less than buying water jugs from a delivery service. Tap water costs approximately less than a penny per gallon. Bottled water costs $1.20 per gallon +$1.40 with delivery costs.Over the course of a year, the WAT10W can save a 50-person office over $2000 and a family of four over $500. Overall this solution from NewAir is much more convenient and a huge money saver. Design Adoption & Long Lasting Impressions Placing a water cooler in your beautiful home can be a task. Will it match your decor? Will it stand out? Will it be an eye sore? All of these are common questions consumers ask when purchasing a water cooler. However with the NewAir WAT10W none of these should be a concern. Crafted with elegance and design in mind, the WAT10W has an attractive white finish that will blend well with almost all top loading dispensers. You can dispose of using clunky and ugly water bottles and instead adopt the WAT10W as the new alternative to staying hydrated. Compatible with All Major Top Loading Water Dispensers The NewAir WAT10W is a universal accessory that fits most top loading water dispensers. No special equipment is required, just place it on top like an ordinary water bottle and it`s ready to start working. Just be careful if your cooler has a bottle spike. It will have to be removed before the WAT10W will fit on top. Fortunately, most spikes can just be lifted straight out of their coolers, so making room for the WAT10W is rarely an issue.
MyReview I reviewed the NewAir water system a while back - a couple of years ago now, and the machine is still going strong. Now, I was sent their filtration system. I wasn`t sure what to expect, but I have to say, I`m pleasantly surprised. First of all, it`s much easier to use and fill up rather than using the original water bottle. It`s smaller, more light-weight, and a bit more compact. Since we manually refill our own water, rather than ordering through a company, this is a lot easier for us. It`s also more beneficial because we know we`re getting clean and purified water rather than just water from out the faucet, like we were getting before.  This water bottle can filter a total of 211 gallons of water so that right there helps you to save money so you do not have to keep buying bottles of water or the bottles that go onto your water dispenser. Because of using the water system and how well it works and is still working over the years, I feel safe and comfortable using this brand of filter system for my water. The water tastes so clean compared to what it was before the filtration system. The replacement filters have a high filtering capability and last for a very long time. They only cost about $20 each but you can go several months without having to replacement one due to their size and efficiency. This water bottle holds over 3 gallons of water. Where the top chamber holds 1.3 gallons of water where the second chamber holds a total of 1.7 gallons of water. So when it comes time to change out the filter it is very simple you just take off the top half of the water bottle when it is empty of course and unscrew the old filter and exchange it with a new filter after you have properly cleaned it. Needless to say, this has been a great experience and definitely an eye opener that all water does NOT taste equal! I certainly recommend this filtration system to anyone who has a water dispenser! P.S. - Find NewAir on Facebook to keep up with their latest news! And while you`re at it, don`t forget to enter their giveaway here - it ends May 15th! 1f4b0 Get Cash back on this purchase by using TopCashBack! Sign up here for FREE!
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