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Petsafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box Review
As a cat-mom of 13, one of my biggest struggles is litter. What litter should I buy? What style box? How often does it need to be cleaned? These are all questions that I factor when deciding on a litter. Having just a few cats, it's simple. Having 13 cats I actually use a variety of litter and boxes. I have small boxes and large boxes. I use shredded paper litter as well as pine pellet litter. I even use various clumping clay litter. Now, I have added something new to the mix. I found the Petsafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box Second Generation, which uses crystal litter!
Being we have quite a few cats in our family, I figured I would be pretty good at giving some feedback on this particular litter box. So let's get started. 

First Impression

The first thing I noticed upon delivery is this was not quite as heavy as I thought it would be. It looks bulky and heavy, but it really is pretty lightweight.


Setting up seems intimidating, however, it is not as bad as it looks. The litterbox comes with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions for setting it up. Just put the front panel on, plug it in, and add the litter. It's that simple. 
  • Simple Setup
  • Lightweight
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Low Odor
  • Cats seem to like it
  • Need to use branded litter tray and litter
  • Sometimes feces get trapped on the scraper
  • Kittens rather play and try to eat the litter rather than use it
  • Requires a wall outlet to use
Petsafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box Review 2

Overall Thoughts

This litter box is certainly a game-changer among the competition. It has a lot of great qualities that come with it along with a few negatives (as with any product).
The ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box Second Generation is super easy to set up and use. I, personally, love the self-cleaning feature. The hands-free cleaning cycle runs 20 minutes after your cat leaves her litter box. It also uses safety sensors to stop the rake if your cat goes into the box. So no worries of an injury while in cleaning mode. My kittens under a year like to play chase the rake while it is moving! Thank goodness for that safety feature, though!
I like that it uses crystal litter which provides 5 times better odor control than traditional clumping litter. It is also 99% dust-free and absorbs liquid waste and dehydrates solid waste in minutes! However, one downfall is that this particular litter attracts my 3 kittens under a year of age to eat them. So while the litter itself is no issue for my adults, I cannot recommend using it for cats under a year based on my kitten's behavior with it. 
While I still get a good bit of litter on my floor from this box, since there is no cover, I do find it is a bit less than traditional litter. So that is another plus. Not to mention it really does help control the odor! Again, another plus, and this is huge for a multi-cat household like mine!
One downfall to this is the price. It is not for those on a budget if you have multiple cats. The litter box itself is not so bad for what it is. It is currently priced at $149.95 for the setup I received - litterbox and 1 litter container - no hood. Now let me explain real quick. If you have 1 or 2 cats, this won't be bad as it is expected to last up to 30 days pet box. However, having 13 cats, mine is only good for roughly 4-5 days. Replacement packs are 3 for $58.95, which is roughly $19.65 each. So like I said, depending on the number of cats you have may determine if this is the right product for you. My cats took a real liking to it so I didn't quite get a full week from one box. Unfortunately, you must use their replacement litter packs. You cannot just pour in your own litter (unless you have a tray the exact size of theirs and even then it is not recommended).
Overall, I really do like this litter box and crystal litter. It is of nice quality and it actually works as it claims to. My cats like it and after they got used to the cleaning rake they used the box without any issues. If you have been wanting to try a self-cleaning litter box, but are not too sure where to start, this is a wonderful option to consider.

UPDATE 12/28/20201

So I have been using this litter box since I got it in because the cats REALLY love it! So instead of the disposable boxes, I found a reusable one. My cats go through the litter super fast, remember, I have 13 cats. So I believe the box has been something exciting for them, watching it automatically clean it and such. Definitely love it a LOT more than when I first got it!! Plus, it really does help keep the odor at bay - little to nothing!

UPDATE 01/24/2022

Our family has ultimately decided to throw away this litter box. For a multi-cat household, I loved the idea and really tried to make it work, but unfortunately, it was not all that it was cracked up to be. Feces would get stuck to the metal grate constantly. I would spend more time cleaning those than it would take me to actually scoop the box out. The crystal litter is pricey as well and needed to be changed even more frequently compared to my other litters I normally scoop between changing. While I was originally very excited about this, I have quickly become disappointed in. Additionally, the customer service from the brand has not been good at all which adds to further distrust. After giving adequate time, trial, and mixing in the lack of customer support, I can no longer honestly recommend this item.
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