Power Theory® Credit Card-Sized 2500mAh Portable Charger #Review  
Nothing is more frustrating than getting a low battery alert while using any of your favorite gadgets in the middle of a busy day. In this day and age when persons rely on their technological devices to get things done having a reliable battery life is very important, especially for users of smartphones who not only depend on it as a form of communication but to also browse the web, check emails, download media and document, edit and upload documents and a lot more. To ensure full power of their devices during the day persons usually charge them up at night, but seeing that they practically "live" on these devices that amount of charge is never enough. Businesspersons who travel a lot and have to use their smartphones as a forum to conduct business, more importantly, need a way to charge their batteries to go. Thus the reason for the invention of portable chargers. Using a portable cell phone battery charger can help to ensure that you have longer hours to use your cell phone and that you never run out of juice.  
A portable charger is beneficial for anyone who wants to be able to charge their device(s) no matter where they are. The Power Theory® Credit Card-Sized 2500mAh Portable Charger allows you to do just that. First off, I really love the compact size of 3.75 x 2.4 x 1/4 inches so it`s easy to carry in my purse or keep in the car. I find that it has a fast and powerful charge (2500 mAh Real Capacity). I was able to get my phone (Samsung Note 2) charged up within about 20-30 minutes of plugging in. Being addicted to some of these game apps this charger has been a lifesaver! What`s really neat is that this can charge BOTH android and apple devices. I use it for my Samsung Note 2 and my Galaxy Tablet and have had no issues. Overall a simple to use the charger that works great! Not to mention when it`s time to charge your portable charger up it takes only about 3-4 hours to complete. Not too bad for such a powerful device!