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Love game night? Then I'm pretty sure you're going to enjoy this game! Here's some quick information before we get to my review...
Rabbit Pirates™ are in search of buried treasure. Help them shoot for the loot in this simple card game that suits all ages, from kids, teens, college students, parents, and grandparents. If you have ever played the card game of war, Rabbit Pirates will be your new family game night favorite. The object of the game is to play high valued cards to win bronze, silver, and gold treasure tokens.

Players: 2-4
Ages: 7 to adult
Skills: Logic, Strategy


About RoosterFin Games

RoosterFin game company was created by Joe RoosterFin. His degrees in mathematics, coupled with his experience teaching, allow him to make unique game engines that kids, parents, grandparents, and friends enjoy playing together.

product review
I have a 10-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old son who both really enjoy playing games as a family. So they were excited to try out a new game. As a family, we really enjoyed playing this game. Between the kids and my husband, they were always calculating their totals in hopes of winning their round. The fun character names and shot card names had my kids laughing the whole time throughout the game. The game is fun and easy to play, and it teaches math concepts and critical thinking. As a homeschooling parent, I absolutely love this. Anything that has to do with learning and having fun, I am absolutely on board with.
As far as the game itself, it is pretty well made. It's made of thicker cardboard so be careful as to not spill any liquids on it as it may get ruined. I love that everything is themed properly and is age-appropriate. Overall, it's a fun game for the family which allows for a fun way to learn - which my family totally approves of!
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Psst... Game Tip: This is a great game when you are looking for some simple fun! Pay close attention to the gold, silver, and bronze tokens. Then use your logic skills to decide where to place your high numbered cards.