How do you feel about the second amendment "The Right to Bare Arms"?  Well if you`re a supporter of it then you may be interested in some awesome gun t-shirts. I discovered a site that sells specifically AK47 Shirts. Pretty neat for all you gun lovers out there.

What`s The Deal With AK-47 T-shirts?

If you`re wondering what kind of gun nut it takes to make a whole website geared only towards the 1947 Kalashnikov model of assault rifle, then I have to stop you right there. We`re not gun nuts. That term may be thrown around playfully, but it doesn`t apply here. We`re FREEDOM nuts. We appreciate the American tradition of "don`t mess with me, and I won`t mess with you." The Golden Rule of treating others like you would like to be treated is a lot easier to follow when the "others" in question have a powerful, semi-auto assault rifle hanging over the mantle. As for our choice of promoting the AK-47, we can only point to the quality of the weapon in question. The AK-47 is a premium weapon of the finest design. There may be other rifles out there that look prettier and shoot farther, but nothing can compare to the reliance, durability, and economics of the AK-47. This gun is a trooper, and I find that it is the gun of choice for people who want a home defense weapon that they can count on to not jam and to function optimally, even if you skipped the last scheduled breakdown and cleaning. Simply put: the AK-47 is a popular gun all over the world, has tons of fans, and has earned every ounce of the adoration poured out on it. That`s why we wanted to make a website selling ONLY shirts featuring the most popular assault rifle in the world.
So what do I think? I think the shirt itself is pretty cool although I`m more into the girly girl type clothing. My fiance on the other hand LOVES the shirt. In fact, he had come home and saw me wearing it after taking photos and such for the review and wanted to know where I got it because he loved it. I guess I should have gotten the next size or two up so he could have it! Any how, the shirt fits comfortably and is made of quality material. The graphics on the shirt were well done and the fit was perfect as far as the sizing suggested. The company itself shipped the shirt out rather quickly and was a friendly company to work with as well. This is definitely a site I would recommend picking out a T-shirt for dad for the upcoming Father`s Day!
What`s your opinion on the 2nd Amendment? Also, I`d love to know your thoughts on these T-shirts. Love them? Hate them? Tell me! I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.