Are you into family games or games just to play by yourself? Discovery Bay Games has a nice variety of games for the family of all ages! I have teamed up together with them to give you a little bit of information on my experience with them!
I was only expecting to get one thing to try out, but instead I was sent THREE! They were already on my good side! I received Alex Beard Flashcards (just $13!), Barista: The Game (just $1!) and a 3-D wood Puzzle Horse! So three completely different game variations to choose from to tell you about!
The first one we fooled with was the Alex Beard Flashcards. Those are big 8x10 sized flash cards made for ages 3 and up. I thought these would be perfect for Sophia since she just turned 3 on January 25th. She loves colorful things and she loves learning and asking what pictures are. So for that, this was an excellent choice for her. Right away she sat down and flipped through the cards and asked me what the pictures were. It kept her entertained for just a few minutes, as she gets tired of the same thing rather quickly. One downfall about these cards are some of the words used to associate the letters with are a bit big to be used for three year olds in my opinion, but this isn`t much of a big deal. I look at it as a challenge and hopefully just more to help her learn at her age. I just would have personally liked it a bit more if the words were more of your typical three year old simple words. But that`s what also makes this product unique.
Next I took a look at the 3-D wooden puzzle. Now I`m not too big on these so I`m saving this to give to a friend. I used to love these kind of puzzles as a kid though! Everything needs to be punched out of their wooden frames to begin assembly of the puzzle. Generally, these hold up well on their own, but I would recommend getting either hot glue or some wood glue for longer lasting results. Especially if you intend on decorating your piece or simply collecting it on a shelf. These are great for ages 8 and up and they`re great for making you think! Finally was the Barista game! To play this one you need to match the beverage shown on a roll of dice to make the perfect cup and win! They have an added challenge where other baristas can spill your drink, change the drink order or even steal the milk right out of your hand. This game does require 2 to 4 players to be able to play (unless you intend to play against yourself then that`s perfectly fine too I`m sure!). It`s also intended for ages 8 and up. It`s a great game for social interaction and just to get the family together to have a bit of fun.
Overall my experience as been wonderful. The customer service I received with this company has been very friendly and wonderful. My games were packaged well and shipped to me in perfect condition. The games themselves were fun, new, exciting and different. Definitely a place I would return to again for future games for the family!