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Now I know when you first read the title you`re probably thinking "what the heck is that?" because that was my first reaction when I was contacted by this company. Sounds like super confusing stuff! BUT how would you like to see how much each item you`re running on electricity is costing you? Let the Kill A Watt EZ Electricity Monitor tell you!
A geothermal system utilizes the Earth as a free-heat source captured by a series of underground polyethylene pipes called a ground loop. As a water/anti-freeze solution circulates through the pipes, heat is transferred to and from the home. Kiss the gas/oil/propane company goodbye.
So I received my monitor and honestly, looked like a huge remote! Very simple and plain in color. So I decided to give it a try to the first plug I had available for easy access, which happened to be for my cell phone. I plugged in the geothermal savings calculator monitor into the outlet and I plugged my phone into the monitor. After a few minutes it was able to provide me with the information as to how much it costs to keep my phone plugged in. To fully test it, I let it sit in for a few days. The average cost PER day to keep my charger plugged in (and this includes the time being charged and time the charger is not in use) is about $0.25 PER day! It doesn`t seem like much, but I can only imagine my computer and all of those cords that are also used on a regular basis.
Now just imagine, all the items you don`t use but remain plugged in. Just image unplugging them how much money you could save? Using this monitor will help you with that task. I know we`re all trying to find a way to save as much money as possible, especially with prices going up and pay checks remaining the same. The monitor is valued at $60, but I`m sure you`ll make your money back quick in savings once you unplug all those unnecessary items or at least turn them off or unplug them when they`re not in use. Just imagine!
There`s other great things in the geothermal world though instead of just this monitor though such as the geothermal heat pump cost products. In fact, I can give you 5 reasons why you should go geothermal in 2011:
  1. A 30% government geothermal tax credit thanks to the Federal Stimulus package released in January. > Learn More
  2. Propane, Heating Oil, and Natural Gas Prices are all expected to rise through 2020. > Learn MoreÂ
  3. Cut your carbon footprint by 50%. Save on average about four tons of CO2 a year. > Learn MoreÂ
  4. It goes from a heat plant to AC unit with the flip of a switch while also heating your home`s hot water. > Learn MoreÂ
  5. Special Loans, Government programs, and other incentives have never looked better. > Learn More
Another fun fact: Installing a geothermal system in a typical home is equal to planting an acre of trees, or taking two cars off the road in greenhouse gas reduction. Learn More here. Bet you didn`t know that one did you? My overall experience with this company has been a wonderful and enlightening experience. I would have never thought to seek a product like this on my own or even expected a product like this to be helpful, but I was pleasantly surprised. I like the ease of use this has. I don`t care for the fact that it is a bit bulky and takes up some room, but that`s not a huge factor. I think everyone should at least consider trying one of these out. Who knows how big of a difference we all could make if we would just try? Please share any of your thoughts or opinions in a comment below!
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