In my family, a lot of water is used on a regular basis whether to drink or it`s to cook with. Making sure the water we use is clean is defiantly important. When I was contacted by MAVEA to try out their water pitcher I was absolutely thrilled! MAVEA sent me the Elemaris XL Pitcher to try out and I must say it is pretty impressive! The MAVEA offers premium water filtration systems and pitchers developed to transform how people experience and value their water. The Eelemaris pitchers are designed to preserve the natural composition of water, while simultaneously answering today`s need for contaminate-free tap water, environmental responsibility, distinctive style and convenience. The Elemarix XL values between $34.99-$39.99. It has a 2.2 L Filtered volume, 3.5 L Total Volume, which holds 9 glasses. What I think is really nice about this pitcher is that the water coming out of your faucet conveniently pouts through the top of the lid! So you don`t have the hassle of filling up the pitcher than having to place the lid on top, as this one it`s already on while you`re filling it up! Also, the handle on the pitcher has a soft grip for extra comfort. I don`t feel like my hand will get a blister just from holding it a minute as I have experienced with some past pitchers.
On the bottom of the pitcher, you will also notice that there is soft base elements to prevent surface scratching and sliding. This is an especially good feature if you tend to have slippery counter tops and I think it adds a bit of a unique design to it! The pitcher also features a convenient pour-through lid for easy pouring of your water. You will also find a smart meter which measures the volume of filtered water, water quality (hardness) and time. This is something that is new and unique to me as I have not personally seen this feature on a pitcher before and I think it`s pretty neat! The MAVEA is available in black or white and also in two sizes: 5 glasses or 9 glasses. I defiantly recommend one for all households that drink water or use water on a regular basis!
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