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You know you`re a 90`s kid when you remember Nickelodeon as the channel with All That, Rug Rats, Hey Arnold and all those other awesome kid shows that had some kind of educational message incorporated into each episode. You also know you`re a kid from the 90s when "back in the day" the toys advertised on TV were rather nice quality and actually did what they said they were going to do -- not some crazy twist and turn to do something similar to what is advertised! Two of the popular toys from the 90s that I actually remember and loved to play with are now back! Nickelodeon gak and floam! I know y`all remember this stuff!
Nickelodeon Gak became one of the hottest things during my child hood. Gak is the incredible squishable, squeezable, squashable, stretchable, bounceable, ploppable, poppable stuff! Smoosh it, Twist it, Bubble It, Mix it... and make wacky Gak sounds!!! Once kids pick up Gak, they won`t want to put it down. Gak`s awesome "Splat" container lets you make all sorts of wacky sounds when you squish the Gak around. Stretch it all the way across a room. Squeeze it through your fingers. Blow a giant bubble then pop it! Press it into a plastic cup and listen as it makes the loudest frrrrrrrt sounds to make kids laugh hysterically!
GakTM is one of the most amazing play compounds ever made!! But first, make sure your Gak is perfect. Sometimes when Gak is first opened it`s a little too moist. If you leave the container open for a few minutes and then pull out your Gak and knead it like dough for a few minutes, you will see that Gak becomes the perfect super-stretchy, amazing material we say it is! It can do some pretty amazing stuff. Like…

Stretching Gak

The Gak in your container is capable of stretching to ridiculous lengths!! We got it to go almost 100 feet!! To do this, you have to start slowly — making sure your Gak stretches evenly. Once you get it to around two feet long, you and a friend, or several friends, can keep stretching it until it gets as thin as spaghetti!! See how far you can go…

Bouncing Gak

If you tear off pieces of Gak around one inch in diameter, you can get them to bounce really well. Try experimenting with different sized Gak blobs and see how high and how far you can bounce them!

Bubbling Gak

Gak can blow the sickest bubbles!! You can do it in a bunch of ways so try to come up with your own, but here are our three favorites:
Solo bubbles: Take your Gak and spread it between the thumb and index fingers of both hands, making it into something that looks like pizza dough. Then close off the top side and bottom side, making a "pocket" in the middle. Blow into that pocket then pinch it off to trap air inside to make a bubble. Then squash it to make a loud bubble snap!
Straw bubbles: Take a little Gak and twist it around the end of a straw then pinch the Gak tight to the straw. Blow on the other end and you will puff up your Gak into a giant bubble. The more Gak and the more air you use, the bigger the bubbles will get!
Surface bubbles: If you have stone counter tops or a plastic cutting board, you can use these surfaces to blow big "surface bubbles" with Gak.Spread out a thin layer of Gak onto the stone or plastic surface —(please avoid anything wood, fabric or paper!!)— then slide a straw in from one side, between the surface and the Gak. Start to blow… Gak will come away from the surface in a big, jiggling bubble!! Add more straws and some friends and you can even blow clusters of bubbles or one giant Gak bubble!

Frrrting Gak

Hmmm… what was that sound?!? Was it the dog? I think it was your sister… NOPE, it was Gak! Gak can make some seriously gross sounds. All you have to do is find any sturdy PLASTIC cup or storage container, fill it with your Gak, making sure you trap some air underneath and then press in with your hands to make some seriously gassy and gross Gak frrrts! You can also use your Gak splat container to make frrrt sounds – just plop your Gak in and press it into the drips and you`ll hear all kinds of different sounds coming out!
Floam on the other hand, while similar to gak is of a different, thicker made texture. Yes, I remember this stuff too! It does better with making shapes, molds, etc. It holds together so you can let it dry to keep your masterpiece or when you`re done you can put it away for another day.
Floam is the incredible, reusable molding compound that will keep you creating for hours on end! Mold your own creations or transform almost anything into a Floam-covered masterpiece. Roll it, mold it, cover it — that`s the way you Floam it. After you`re done, squish Floam back into its container and use it again and again or let your creation harden overnight and keep it forever!
Floam was invented and made almost 20 years ago. But that Floam is sooo two decades ago! Their Floam formulation is the best-molding, best-feeling, most friendly, easy-to-clean Floam ever made (and this comes straight from the world`s premier Floam expert — the man who invented it all those years ago!).
 So after all this info and explaining I don`t think reminding you of my opinion is very much necessary, but I`ll state it for the record! I love the nickelodeon gak and floam! It reminds me of my childhood and I love seeing things come back like that. The products are still as awesome as I remember them as a kid. Eric, my fiance, was acting more of a kid than any of us when he saw what came in the mail and couldn`t wait to get started! Then of course Sophia, being only 4, thought it was pretty cool, but wasn`t quite as thrilled as we were. They are both awesome products for family fun. It`s something everyone can participate in, have a good laugh along with lots of fun! I DEFINITELY recommend this stuff! Especially if you grew up in the 90s!
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