logo My husband is a HUGE LSU fan. Between him and his dad I don`t know who is worst. So when I discovered a site called BunnySlippers.com that offered Orange Tiger Paw Slippers I knew I had to work with them. After all, poor hubby never gets anything when it comes to review. He`s lucky if I share the snacks! BunnySlippers.com BunnySlippers.com is an online retailer who specializes in novelty slippers. For instance, they don`t just have the tiger paw slippers, but they also have actual bunny slippers, sock slippers, various animal slippers, socks and more. From the exotic to the everyday, BunnySlippers.com offers the Internet`s widest selection of animal slippers for adults and children. From giraffes and armadillos to wolves and sharks, they carry a growing catalog of animal slippers. All of the animal slippers feature high quality them an email and they`ll try to find them for you. BunnySlippers.com

What do I think?

I personally love the slippers! After I took my photos I of course had to try them on for myself (for reviewing purposes that is!) My hubby wanted the slippers right away and I tell you ladies, these work as a great bribery tool to bribe your husband into doing housework! I have never seen him do dishes so fast in exchange for being able to wear the slippers! I`m serious too, that`s the scary part. BunnySlippers.com Wearing the slippers they are VERY comfortable and help keep your feet warm. We have tile flooring throughout most of our house so with our weather being crazy and having us back at being cold, these couldn`t have arrived at a more perfect time. My husband LOVES them, besides the fact of them being tiger paws. He said "Oh you`re right, these are comfortable! Please hurry and review them so I can have them!!" acting like a little boy in a candy store. BunnySlippers.com Needless to say I think we have a winner! My husband and I BOTH love the slippers. We both agree that they are high quality and very comfy to wear, not to mention rather warm. They had been shipped to us quickly. Needless to say I would definitely recommend BunnySlippers.com! Oh, don`t forget to keep up with them and their products on Facebook! [gallery ids="31664,31665,31666"]