I absolutely hate when a room smells unless it`s a good smell of course. So when I was invited to try the Renuzit`s Adjustable Holiday Cone you already know what I said! Now I`ve been a fan of Renuzit`s for quite some time. I love how great their cones smell. Of course what I find disappointing is that the smell doesn`t last long. You`re good on a fresh smell for about 2-3 days then after that, not so much. The cone itself will still smell, but as far as it filling up your room, it won`t happen so much anymore. But I do find that these are about $0.94 at my local Walmart so I guess you get what you pay for. Great product, just not a lasting smell. Renuzit`s, PLEASE work on that issue. You can find Renuzit`s pretty much anywhere like Walmart, Target, Kmart, etc. They`re easy to find and very cheap. Overall I love them. As I already said, the only downfall is the scent will not last very long. Having a get together with some friends? This would be good to get the day of & spread around the room. In laws staying for the week? I`d get a plug in sort of scent. Just my opinion on the idea. If you`re still a fan of Renuzit`s then go ahead and "like" them on Facebook! Show your support while also getting the latest news and updates on all their products! Let them know Closet of Free Samples sent you! And while you`re there, be sure to "like" Closet of Free Samples on Facebook!