I love bags, especially fashionable ones! Scout by Bungalow offered me one of their items to review so I went with the DayTripper Tote bag, which is a super cute and fashionable bag. Great to use on the beach, vacations or even as a large purse!
Long Description:
The Day Tripper (day-trip-per) n. 1. She`ll-take-you-all-the-way-there to the office, gym, dinner, movies, park and back home. 2. Everyday companion tote to the Weekender. VaniLLa BeanVaniLLa Bean offers a light-hearted solid option for spring/summer. Designed to mix with the wide array of spring/ summer color in our line, VaniLLa Bean is an oasis and an easy unifier with your seasonal wardrobe. Punctuated with ever-sophisticated black or refreshingly multi-colored trim, VaniLLa Bean is sure to become a seasonless staple.
This super cute bag is made of 100% cotton twill and is water resistant. Of course with all the rain we`ve been getting lately, thankfully, a water proof bag couldn`t have arrived at a better time! I can`t leave the house without a purse, but if it gets soaking wet then it means everything inside it will also! So this is definitely a great way of protecting my valuables from the weather! Another feature I like about it is how it zips open and close. The zipper works smoothly and easily. Not to mention there`s a small zippered pouch on the inside the bag in case you want a place to drop in your keys, money or other smaller belongings.
Want to know something else that`s cool? The bottom of the bag is leatherette so even the bottom is protected from the weather! You know how sometimes you have to put your bag down on the wet ground or in the sand at the beach? Well, you can do so with this bag without damaging it in any way. Simply wipe it clean and you`re good to go!
Needless to say I am very happy with my tote bag. It is weather proof, well made, and stylish! I went with the pink rainbow colored style straps for my bag and I just love it! They are of high quality and will last quite a while unlike some of those cheap bags you find at other local retailers. Would I recommend this bag? Absolutely! I`d actually use it as a smaller sized diaper bag if I had an infant. Other than the whole fashionable thing, if milk spills in it, you can clean it without having a ruined bag! Just another thought. Do you have a Scout bag? If so, how do you like it?