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I'm not sure if anyone else has this issue, but personally, I have a sensitive stomach when it comes to fried foods. I enjoy them from time to time, however, my stomach easily gets upset from it. When I first heard of air fryers a couple years ago, I invested in one and loved it! Unfortunately, it began having issues so I was in the market for a new air fryer when I discovered the ToBox 3.8 Qt. Digital Air Fryer. And guess what?! It's only $90!! Much cheaper than my original one!
Here's a little information about the air fryer from ToBox:


Frying Basket Capacity: 3.6L 
Temperature Control: 176-392°F 
Built-in Timer: 30 minutes 
Watts: 1400W 
Digital LED Touch Display 
Detachable basket 

Package Includes:

1 x Electric Air Fryer
1 x Pizza Pan
1 x Cooking Tong
1 x Silicon Mat
1 x Toaster Rack with 4 skewers
1 x User Manual
To start off, this air fryer is lightweight compared to my other one I owned. My other one was larger, worked great, but took up a lot more space on my counter, was heavier, and overall more of a hassle. This particular machine is great for a quick meal for a small family - maybe 2-3 people depending on what's being made. What I love about this machine is that you can make more than just frozen foods, such as french fries, and tater tots, in it. You can actually make muffins and make full meals in it! Just look up recipes online or check out a few sample meal ideas that come in the little recipe booklet.
This Multi-Function Air Fryer painlessly cooks meals with its advanced air circulation technology. I found that it does produce heat a lot quicker and seems to have a higher heat output than my previous air fryer - something I was not expecting. I thought they were all the same but different designs. Nope! Not all air fryers are the same in the way they work. I was quite pleased to find this out as I often enjoy eating something quickly made in the air fryer, but found some meals weren't as quick as I had hoped.
What's amazing is the fact that no oil is needed so the food comes out so much better tasting in my opinion. Even the frozen fries. I remember when my husband and I basically lived on frozen fries and it seemed that no matter which way we would cook them they always had that frozen taste to them, which, of course, would ruin the meal. Baking and microwaving produced the same results, although baking improved the taste a slight bit. Deep frying still left a frozen taste but had that funky oil taste. Either way, it was always a fail. So then we tried the fries in the air fryer. While you can still tell the difference between 100% fresh homemade fries and frozen ones, these came out so much better from the air fryer. No oil taste (because no oil is used) and little to no frozen taste. The fries came out enjoyable.
When all is done, cleaning up is super easy. The detachable Non-Stick Food Basket makes the clean up a breeze so you can enjoy your meal hassle-free!
Overall, the air fryer is amazing and well worth it. Plus, you can save 30% off when you click here and use the coupon code READYTOFRY at checkout for a limited time.