Vermont Nut Free Chocolates We all know us pregnant people like to eat! There`s no point in hiding it. I haven`t been huge on sweets this go round, but I`m still eating junk. With Sophia I was eating the cookie dough and anything sweet. Now I`m more into some spicier things and I`m really liking the dark chocolate with sea salt! So like I said, it depends when you ask on what I want.  Anyway, Valentines is coming up so there`s another excuse for me to get something yummy. What kinds of snacks are you getting? I was invited to try out the Vermont Nut Free Chocolates and I must say I`m quite impressed. Vermont Nut Free Chocolates
Vermont Nut Free Chocolate Company was founded by the mother of a little boy with a peanut allergy. Our entire selection is completely safe for those with any tree nut or peanut allergy but can also be enjoyed by anyone who loves fine chocolates.   We are committed to providing you with quality chocolates that are safe for those with any nut or peanut allergy. Our gourmet chocolate truffles, fruit creams, mint creams, caramels, raisin clusters, chocolate bars and novelty items are made in small batches the old fashioned way from the finest nut free ingredients. All of our centers are hand made from scratch in our own nut free facility and then individually dipped into premium chocolate before being hand packed and shipped fresh to you.   For the convenience of those who are concerned about other food allergies, we would be pleased to provide a complete list of ingredients used in production upon request. Please note that we do make some products that contain eggs and/or dairy products in our facility on shared production equipment.
Vermont Nut Free Chocolates I personally don`t usually pay attention to the ingredients of candy. I probably should and be more mindful of what I eat since I`m not in high school anymore and my body doesn`t quite handle it all the same way. What`s unique about these chocolates compared to those I typically would buy in store is that there are made for those who cannot have nuts in their diets and I can appreciate a company that takes such things into consideration. Although I do not have these allergies, you never know if you`re own children will develop them or if anyone close to you will and it`s nice to have resources to turn to for products you can enjoy. Anyhow, I found these candies taste just like any other candy. It doesn`t have any sort of "weird diet" taste to it. You know how some candies such as sugar free you can taste a huge difference? Some candies do a good job of blending their sweeteners, but others just make them taste horrible. Well with these I wouldn`t be able to tell you if I had a nut free candy or if I had a regular typical candy from the store. I received the Milk Chocolate Skippers (same as m&ms), Jelly Beans, Crispy Chocolate Bar and a plain chocolate bar. So far my favorite is the jelly beans! Vermont Nut Free Chocolates Other than the flavors tasting the same, I can tell the quality of these chocolates and candies are excellent as well. They were very well packaged when they were shipped and were still cold when they arrived to ensure they didn`t melt in delivery. Upon opening the candy and tasting them I can taste that they`re still very fresh. The jelly beans are bursting with their own individual flavors. They all go down smoothly and are quite enjoyable. I say that because I`m actually a bit picky about my jelly beans. I have my favorite brand and then usually I don`t care for too many others because they`re flavors lack or they taste a bit grainy or just odd. So these are on my approved list of jelly beans that I love and may very well be my new favorite basic flavor jelly beans! Vermont Nut Free Chocolates Needless to say I had a very positive experience with Vermont Nut Free Chocolates. They provided quick and excellent customer service as well as high quality products. I would definitely recommend them - whether for Valentines Day or just because you want some good tasting candy. Thanks V.N.F.C. for allowing me this tasty experience! Follow Vermont Nut Free Chocolates: