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Siteground Web Hosting Review Reasons to AVOID them scam closetsamples
I first joined Siteground about 2 years ago after looking to upgrade to a new web hosting company from Hostmonster. At first, their customer service was friendly, amazing, and responded quickly. Over time, once they had me lured in, I learned the truth about them. First of all, they are "upgrade happy" - meaning, rather than trying to make suggestions and help you with an issue first, they immediately want to recommend you upgrade. I did twice with them in less than a year! Of course, they prey on those not as familiar with such a thing to "sucker" into the upgrades that they may or may not need.
Flash forward to September of 2015 I hired a web developer/programmer to go in and clean up the code of my website. Well, that's when I discovered just how bad things were from Siteground "helping". I should have known that when you get different answers from different techs it wouldn't be good, but again, I didn't know better and just went with the flow. Since I was pleased with my developer's service I went forward with a full site re-design and upgrade which meant also moving to a better and more reliable web host. My design was a complex one that took months and during the process, there were issues with my server on Siteground where the developers would try and work with them to fix the issue. Siteground seriously lacked in response. They will respond within the first 15 minutes, but the next response could be hours or even days later. It's during this time that I discovered Siteground had LIED to me to get me to sign up. I knew the questions to ask when I joined, including about refunds and things of that nature. I was promised the same 30-day refund if I was not happy. Unfortunately, they did NOT mention that my account would not qualify because I joined with the Cloud account - which is not covered in this deal. Also, they never mentioned that they CHARGE YOU $25 if you were to cancel in that 30-day period.
I've experienced a LOT of downtime from Siteground during my time with them and each time they claimed it wasn't their fault, yet I have SCREENSHOTS showing when THEIR site showed THEY are having issues with the SERVER. Somehow that would always get twisted into something that was my fault though according to their techs. I've also experienced being lied to further when tickets were supposedly forwarded to a supervisor, but it literally took HOURS to do so. It shows when a ticket is in progress or has been forwarded. Basically, Siteground just delays and never fixes things as they claim.
Fast forward to more recently. Once I moved over to my new web hosting company, my web developer requested a backup of my database from Siteground. Siteground seems to think they did us a favor by providing this for free, but it literally took them DAYS to get this completed and probably would have been longer if not for me opening a new ticket to check in on them. Here's the real problem though, they provided INCOMPLETE backups as well as CORRUPTED ones. Siteground denies this, but my web developer PROVED to them where he even saw in the coding that the backup was incomplete. Siteground is STILL denying this and basically called my developer a liar. They are also claiming that THEY cleaned up my database coding multiple times. Unfortunately, that is NOT true. Siteground did NOTHING of the sort. My programmer, which I paid to do, had to clean up all the coding and basically said it was a nightmare in so many words because of how bad off it was. So if Siteground did "clean up the coding" they must have had someone in there who knew NOTHING. The fact that Siteground has the nerve to LIE really bothers me. If they provided me corrupted backups, then I'm really concerned about times in the past I had them restore my site - did they honestly only make it worse because they're incompetent to even send a completed backup? Before anybody asks why I did not do a backup on my own, Siteground has the backup button DISABLED. That's right. It's turned OFF so you cannot do your own backup and have to PAY them $50 to do it! This is something they do not tell you upfront either. You have to dig around to figure it out. Every little thing requires money. Siteground is overpriced and has techs with no skills or knowledge.
The point of my rant though is I want to be refunded for all my downtime since I was promised to be online 99.9% of the time and I wasn't. I want to be compensated for all their lies. I want to be compensated for the money that I had to pay extra to my web developer due to Siteground's lack of response. I mean, my developer did try to talk by phone to them, but they would only allow him to submit a ticket and not deal with him any other way. Same goes with me. Everything had to be done by ticket. Yet for signing up they would talk on the phone for as long as you needed. This hosting company is junk. They are disrespectful. They are dishonest. They are the perfect example of a scammer who wants to cheat people out of hard-earned money. 
For anyone considering leaving one hosting company to go to Siteground, you will regret it. Siteground will make your last hosting company look perfect. STAY AWAY!   

Here's an excerpt from my Instagram frustration with Siteground on October 23, 2015:

If anyone is trying to access my site it is down and has been for over 10 hours now. #siteground is the WORST #webhosting company ever! The customer service is slim to none, just pure aweful! They fooled with things "trying to fix" the problem but only screwed my site up more. If you're looking for a good company, don't go here! They lie to get you to join but have a bunch of hidden fees that they lie about on top of horrible performing servers
Don't just take my word for it though. Here are all the complaints I could find and compiled them into their own Pinterest board HERE.


Writing this I have discovered that Siteground uses their own bots to flood your website with traffic, causing website users to use more bandwidth and resources. This is basically a tactic to try and force users into unnecessary upgrades.
Also, I noticed in my CPanel, that I haven't logged in since moving to my new host, Squidix, that apparently Siteground employees have been "modifying" files without cause. They are also denying any wrongdoing in my case, despite the evidence I do have on them; including screenshots of EVERYTHING. Anyone even considering going with Siteground, I urge you to avoid them. If your website gets NO traffic, you will be fine, but then again if you get no traffic you can go back to using blogger and save yourself the time and money to begin with. I warned you...


Guess what?! Siteground tries to hide negative comments by removing them! If you made a comment using Disqus, you can see if your comment was removed. Guess what? My negative review and experience of Siteground was removed. What a surprise!

Are you looking for Webhosting alternatives? Give these companies a try! 



WebHostingPad has been providing affordable web hosting for more than 10 years. Since then we've only improved: Better servers, WordPress hosting, site builders, spam filters, and more. They welcome customers and affiliates from all countries, sites, or professions.  

HostNed Web Hosting

All HostNed web hosting plans are hosted on the fastest and most reliable web servers available. These are full-on premium accounts at wholesale pricing. No ads, no throttle limiting, no hidden fees, no kidding. Free Migration Support!


This is the company I use and they are AMAZING! Established in 2010, Squidix Web Hosting is an independently owned web hosting provider headquartered in Indianapolis, IN. Their mission is to provide the absolute best in support, reliability, speed, and security. Their agents are available 24/7, and our phones are staffed by US-based customer service agents. If you’re coming from a cPanel server, they will move your site from your old host at no cost to you. They make the process as seamless as possible with little to no downtime. They even offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee to all of their customers!  
Feel free to read my review about Squidix. You will get MUCH better service there!

Ultra Web Hosting

"We make it easier and more affordable to go online with a website than ever before. With a few clicks and drag of a mouse, you can have your website built in no time."
Ultra Web Hosting has been around since 2002 and owns and operates its servers on-site, no third party or rented servers are used. Large, full-featured website hosting plans starting as low as only $2.95 a month! You do not have to pay for six months to a year in advance to get this great price, unlike many hosting providers! Have unlimited websites hosted for as low as $5.95 a month! They run powerful 24-core Xeon web servers with 64GB+ of RAM with SSD RAID arrays connected by an 18GB/s redundant backbone. Websites typically load 8x faster with our service over competitors. Get your own fully-loaded online control panel, live online support, one-click installations of popular apps like WordPress, Cloudlinux, Nginx, Cloudflare support, OpenLiteSpeed, Perl, CGI-BIN, SSI, PHP7, PHP5, mariaDB/mySQL databases, phpMyAdmin, Softaculous app installer, GD, ImageMagick, Curl, Zend Optimizer, mod-rewrite, sub-domains, park domains, unlimited POP3 e-mail accounts, webmail, hotlink protection, SPAM protection, virus protection, password protect directories, built-in web stat programs, log file accessibility, custom error pages, automate tasks using cron interface, guestbook, site builder, free installable PHP forums, chat programs, bloggers, image galleries, support programs and much more! 

Host Color LLC (HC) has been a web hosting provider with an excellent business record for more than 20 years. Our Website Hosting plans have helped ten thousands of small and medium business owners to create a profitable online business. As of 2020, HC offers arguably the best cloud server hosting services in the Midwestern U.S., top quality Website Hosting services with Free SSL and Free SEO consultation, and stable business Dedicated Servers.

They offer high quality web hosting service with prices from $3.95/mo. 
For customers they offer:
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Online Site Builder
  • Unlimited Domains !
  • Free $100 in Advertising Credits
  • 300 Gb Disk Space !
  • 2500 Gb Bandwidth !
  • cgi-bin, perl, php, mysql
  • Free Scripts
  • and more.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! 


Focus on your business and avoid all the web hosting hassles. Their managed hosting guarantees unmatched performance, reliability, and choice with 24/7 support that acts as your extended team, making Cloudways an ultimate choice for growing agencies and e-commerce businesses. Get started for FREE


Their prices start from $4.95/mo. They offer reliable web hosting service and a unique set of features Free in each plan.
  • Free Domain Name (YourName.Com)
  • Free Online Website Builders
  • Free Promotion Package
  • FTP and Browser Access
  • E-Mail Accounts/Forwarding/Autoresponders
  • Anti Spam Features
  • Best web based Control Panel CPanel
  • Multiple Domains in one account
  • PHP, MySQL, Perl, SSI, Python, Fantastico
  • 1-Click Install Free Scripts: Forum, Photo Gallery,
    Blog, CMS, Shopping Cart, FormMail, Guestbook...
  • Microsoft Frontpage, Macromedia Flash Support
  • Free Access to the eMarketing commercial eBooks
DISCOUNTS: 15% discount code: SAS15OFF And new coupon code for $10 off on any hosting order: SAS10USD

Always Web Hosting has grown to what it is today by providing a rock-solid, high-performance web hosting platform along with exceptional US-based customer service for well over a decade now. Other providers may promise the world or offer cheaper prices, but in the end, you get what you pay for. Are you tired of site downtime caused by your hosting situation? Is your business suffering because you’re spending too much time and money on your infrastructure? Or are you just looking for the smartest, fastest way to get your company online? Then you’ll want to look into hosting with 

KnownHost, LLC

KnownHost, the name companies have known and trusted since 2006 for outstanding, fully managed web hosting services. Expanding each year we now offer Shared, Cloud, VPS and Dedicated hosting to suit any budget – all with proven best uptime on the planet! Although they're widely known as the #1 managed VPS hosting provider globally, they provide professional, fully managed hosting perfectly tailored for SME’s. Speed, Reliability, and Support – they offer it all! Don’t forget our FREE setup, migration, and backups, plus their100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Siteground Web Hosting Review Reasons to AVOID them scam closetsamples Pinterest
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