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Winter is our favorite time of the year, and this special edition Holiday Box might just be the reason. Inside the box, their is a selection of the best holiday foods from around the world alongside with the culture guide that`s filled with experiences to share with those you`re celebrating with.
At Try The World, we believe that food is one of the greatest way to discover new cultures. Discovering new lifestyles and new countries is what broadens our horizons and makes us who we are. So we created Try The World, the first service that lets you discover the best gourmet food and cultural finds from across the globe, delivered right to your door! Our members receive a curated gourmet box from a different destination every 2 months. Each box captures the essence of incredible places such as France, Italy, Brazil, Japan, and many more. We rely on our celebrity chefs to hand select the most delicious and authentic treats from around the world, and to enable anyone to experience the actual day-to-day foods and lifestyles from around the world. Try The World was founded by Kat and David who met while studying at Columbia University, and grew out of their passion for food and for discovering new cultures. They didn`t have enough time or resources to travel the world, so they decided to bring the world to people`s doorstep, no passport needed! Growing up in Russia and New York, Kat caught the travel bug while studying photography and foreign languages at Columbia University. She fell in love with French culture while studying abroad in Paris for 9 months, and has since traveled to more than 30 countries. After every trip, Kat came home with a box of delicious souvenirs for her friends and family, and documented her culinary and travel adventures on her blog which got the attention of FOX and Esquire TV networks. Kat also honed her global business skills while working at companies such as The New York Times and Weight Watchers, and met David while working on her MBA at Columbia Business School. As an avid traveler and serial entrepreneur, David came to New York from Paris to explore the city where everyone meets. Through his experience of launching businesses and living in Europe, Asia and North America, and while pursuing his master`s degree at Columbia`s School of International and Public Affairs, David realized how important local products and local cultures are in our understanding of different lifestyles. David believes that enjoying another culture`s food is getting closer to the culture itself, quoting Epictetus as his motto: "bear in mind that you should conduct yourself in life as at a feast". It is with this philosophy that we created Try The World, sourcing the best products from around the world. All our products are USFDA approved but are difficult to find in the United States. They are hand picked by Try The World`s team of travelers as well as by local experts, with a promise that they pass our highly selective criteria, eyes, ears and tastes! Subscribe to Try The World to be surprised by delicious foods from around the world, or suggest a destination or product that you`d like to see. Stay tuned by liking us on Facebook and by signing up for our newsletter!
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I was lucky to try yet another AMAZING box from Try the World! This time I got the Holiday Box. This box came with a total of 8 full sized products! Most items I`ve never tried before, but all were definitely brands I have never tried before that.  I particularly love that each box has a card to tell you all about each product and a culture guide with music, movies, recipes and more. This helps you to understand the products and how to use them. Here are the details of the box I received:
RUBY-RED RESTORATIVE | Teatinics | UK Born from a passion for health and well-being and the British obsession with tea, Teatonics sources organic botanicals and mills them by hand to create micronutrient and antioxidant-filled tea blends. This one, made with a bland of red and green rooibos, hibiscus, cocoa, vanilla, and licorice, is a wonderfully calming nightcap.
EXTA-VIRGIN OLIVE OIL | Sindyanna of Galilee | Israel This complex, yet balanced olive oil is grown, harvested, and cold pressed by a cooperative of Arab and Jewish women in Northern Israel. Sindyanna`s mission is particularly admirable, as the cooperative fosters unity in a territory whose ownership is contested by the very groups the company brings together.
GINGERSNAPS | Nyakers | Sweeden Swedish Christmas markets would be remiss without festive gingersnap garlands lining the stalls. Not only do they pair well with mulled wine; they`re also a favorite treat on St. Lucia`s Day, a holiday celebrated in Sweden on December 13th that commemorates the girl who brought food to persecuted Christians in Rome.
PANETTONE | G. Cova & C. | Italy When made at home, this sweet bread loaf from Milan is traditionally marked with a cross by the head of the house as a good omen for the coming year. G. Cova & C.`s loaves are made according to an age-old, time-consuming process of soaking, leavening, and baking, so they`re just as good as the homemade version.
COOKIES | Orientines | Morocco In the Winter, Moroccans celebrate Mawlid al-Nabi, the birth of the prophet Muhammad. The colorful celebration involves bringing families together and discussing the prophet`s life. These cookies, made by a small Moroccan company, are a perfect teatime treat to share over good conversation - or any other occasion.
ACAI DESSERT SAUCE | Bazzar | Brazil The centerpiece of a typical Brazilian feast is a whole turkey served with tropical fruit. Glazed over poultry, this indulgent acai sauce is a great substitute. (And it`s delicious over pancakes!) Plus, local acai berries are packed with antioxidants - known to help weight loss and maintain heart health - so there`s no guilt in enjoying.
CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES | Truffette de France | Canada It might come to a surprise that these truffles are Canadian, but Truffette de France actually began production (as one might imagine) in France. Their sweets were so popular that the company expanded to Quebec. Truffles, the most festive of holiday sweets, pair well with ice cream or an end-of-the-meal digestif like Cognac.
MIXED BERRIES | Biokia | Fineland In Finland`s northern wilderness, Biokia harvests a range of wild and little-known berries such as bilberries and lingonberries. These varieties are packed with healthful fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. To preserve these qualities and maintain their flavor, Biokia freezes the berries and gently dries them soon after harvest.
This months box is absolutely AMAZINGLY delicious! There are so many great tasting product and things I would have never tried on my own. I love how everything arrives fresh and completely sealed. Some things look horrible, but turn out delicious. I find it`s always a surprise in every box. With this one I fell in love with the Pannettone instantly! It`s so unique but delicious.  In fact, I believe I actually loved everything that this box had to offer where as I usually find one thing that isn`t really a favorite. Not the case with this box! They were all a hit this time!  I love the product card that comes with it to guide you as to what the product is and sometimes it tells you how to use it. The booklet is more in depth though and includes recipes which is a HUGE help when it comes to cooking everything.  I love this box because it gave me the opportunity to try products I probably would not have otherwise tried,  The box costs $39. The 6-month plan is $35/per box or the yearly subscription is $33/per box. Each box is unique and interesting. While I`m not sure if I think the price is too high or reasonably priced (prices aren`t shown on the information card), I can say I really enjoy the box. I love what it offers and I love trying new things. Also, another thing I love about this company that I discovered after trying my Japan box, is that they DO have a store so I can purchase items I tried in my box. So if you find something you enjoy, you can get more!
Try The World works with artisanal producers from around the world, and therefore each box may be a little bit different. All boxes have a curated assortment of delicious and authentic gourmet products of similar value. When opening your Try The World box, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover different local flavors than the ones I have received! The card included in your box will guide you through your culinary adventure.