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Trying Butler Hemp Co CBD Products for the First Time closetsamples
I am a big fan of CBD products. I was curious about them from the time I first heard about them and quickly learned that not all CBD products are created equal. 
I have tried a variety of product types and brands and found some work great and some taste awful without doing a thing for me. 
I was recently given the opportunity to try out some products from Butler Hemp Co. and I have to say, I'm pretty surprised. 

Who is Butler Hemp Co.?

Butler Hemp Co. is dedicated to creating exceptional products at affordable prices while being 100% transparent about where their hemp is grown and how it is processed. From seed to bottle, they oversee every step of the extraction and formulation and only use the highest quality oils in their products. They know that cost can be a major factor when deciding on the CBD brand that is right for your wellness needs. And, unfortunately, a high price doesn't always equal high quality. Since Butler Hemp Co is able to handle every aspect of production ourselves, they are able to cut out the "middleman" from the pricing equation, allowing them to offer pure, potent, and effective CBD products at a fraction of the cost of other companies. 
Every Butler product is made in Wichita, Kansas in the lab of their extraction partner/sister company, Kancanna. Their on-staff compounding pharmacist oversees every step of the formulation and production process to ensure each Butler bottle and the blend has the precise amount of CBD that it should for maximum efficacy. 

My review of Butler Hemp Co.

I was sent five different products to try for myself - 
  1. Extra Strength 3000mg THC Free CBD Oil
  2. Extra Strength Full Spectrum 3000mg CBD Oil
  3. Sleep Blend Full Spectrum Oil
  4. Freeze Rapid Relief Roll-On
  5. Soothe Pain Relief Cream
Trying Butler Hemp Co CBD Products for the First Time closetsamples 1
To start off, I used the Freeze Rapid Relief Roll-On as soon as I opened the box since my upper back and neck were aching a bit. This seemed to provide some relief almost instantly for me as it is made to 'freeze' aches and pains. There is 3000mg of CBD per 3 oz bottle with 2% lidocaine with a menthol gel that cools on contact. To use, simply shake well before application and apply the gel to the affected area then rub or massage it into the skin. 
Although this didn't take away all the pain I was having, it did give some relief and definitely helped loosen some muscles that were all tight. For me, this is good for minor aches and pains.
The Soothe Pain Relief Cream is basically the same concept - but it's a cream rather than a roll-on. 
Target trouble spots and pain points with this lightly scented moisturizing blend of shea butter, aloe vera, CBD, and lidocaine. Rich and velvety, This Soothe cream absorbs quickly to get to work on joint pain relief, irritated skin, and recurring pain points all while leaving skin satin-y soft. Features a light citrusy-vanilla scent that is pleasant but not overpowering. 
After some time I then decided I needed further relief and tried the Extra Strength Full Spectrum 3000mg CBD Oil. This is a full spectrum blend, meaning that all the present cannabinoids work together to create an "entourage effect", offering maximum relief and bio-availability to help alleviate the pain points and stressors in your life. The strength of this product is 3000mg per bottle or 100mg per dropper and contains less than 0.3% THC.
Using this oil is very easy. Always shake before using; place the oil under the tongue, holding for about 15-20 seconds before swallowing. New users should start with a half dropper taken once per day. If desired results are not achieved, increase the dose to a full dropper taken once per day. You may increase dose frequency as needed. The final dosage and frequency can be modified to meet the user's needs. 
Based on my past experiences with CBD oil, rather than taking one full dropper, I took two full droppers of the oil. While it has the same sort of "CBD tastes" as I call it that they all have (in my experience) it is not as potent and strong in flavor as others I have tried. This is a good thing! Others made me literally gag and stop taking it. This one, it's more of a hint of the taste so it is tolerable - not horrible for me at all. 
Of course, the main question is - was it effective? For me, yes, taking the two droppers full did the trick for my aches and pains. It didn't take very long to kick in and I did not have any side effects. I was not tired or felt sick. It just felt like a miracle that the pain just disappeared. Eventually, it does wear off, but it was several hours after taking it.
I was worried it may have just been luck that it worked or coincidence, but after taking it a few times I realized that this stuff actually works and wasn't just a coincidence! 
With that said, I never had much luck with the products that weren't full spectrum. So with the Extra Strength 3000mg THC Free CBD Oil I was concerned that I wouldn't have the same effects. 
This 3000mg Extra Strength tincture delivers a concentrated dose of pure and effective CBD isolate without the trace THC content found in our full spectrum tinctures. This oil is great for users that are seeking the benefits of CBD but may have drug testing concerns that prevent them from using a full-spec oil in their daily wellness routines.  
Taking this is the same process as the previous oil. Shake before using; place the oil under the tongue, holding for about 15-20 seconds before swallowing. Give it a bit to kick in. Much to my surprise, this oil still provided me the same relief as the full spectrum and just as quickly! I found the flavor wasn't as strong in this one (you know, that CBD oil funny flavor stuff) as with the full spectrum oil. So if you're sensitive to the CBD taste, this may be a better option for you. 
Finally, I tried the Sleep Blend Full Spectrum Oil for bed. This specialty tincture is a proprietary blend of CBD, CBN (cannabinol), and CBG (cannabigerol), cannabinoids believed to be particularly helpful with not only falling asleep but STAYING asleep. When blended together, these particular cannabinoids are shown to alleviate tension and promote stellar relaxation, helping you get the good night's rest that you deserve. Non-habit forming, non-addictive, and no harmful side effects--find sleep the natural way with this highly-rated CBD sleep aid! This oil strength is 3000mg per bottle or 100mg per dropper and contains less than 0.3% THC.
Using it is the same process as the previously mentioned oils. Now, I will be honest, I didn't read the full directions the first night I took it. I just saw it helps you relax and I was ready for it. I took it around 7 pm and within 30 minutes I was sleepy. Not dragging my feet tired, but relaxed and ready to fall asleep - yet I could stay awake had I really wanted to. It's a bit hard to explain, but it's not like with sleeping supplements where it makes you loopy and groggy where you just zonk out. I was in a very relaxed state, but not a feeling of being high - if that makes sense. Just calm and relaxed and ready for sleep. 
Well, the instructions clearly stated that it is recommended to take the Sleep Blend tincture about 30-45 minutes before your desired bedtime for best results - oops! 
The first night I took it I had only slept 4 hours the night before so I tried it again after getting a good night of sleep. I figured it worked so well because I was already exhausted. Took it again the next night, this time a bit later, worked the same way! When I wake up in the morning, I am not dragging my feet or groggy. I feel well-rested. This stuff is a miracle worker for someone like me who has trouble sleeping or staying asleep!
Needless to say, I am in love with Butler Hemp Co products! They legit work! ALL OF THEM! I've never tried something where every product actually worked as it claimed!  They are definitely worth trying. Just a couple of days in and I feel so much relief. I am in LOVE with this company! THANK YOU BUTLER HEMP!

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