Once again, I want to start off saying that I did NOT get these free of charge. I purchased these products from Country Scents and loved them so much I wanted to share them with you. I have ordered a few things from Country Scents and I particularly love their wax warmer and wax melts
This time, I decided to get a few of the Country Scents CountryKinz plush animals; which are plush animals where you get to select an aroma bead fragrance so you can have amazing smelling plushes! The wolf/puppy is a 16-inch plush and the rest are all 8-inch plushes. Each stuffed animal was so soft and well made. The stitching is nice and well constructed. The aroma beads do not arrive already inside your plush. They are in a sachet in a sealed bag for you to decide if you want to place them or not. To add them, I leave mine in the sachet and you just open the back of the plush (it's Velcro), insert the aroma bead sachet, and close the velcro. You really have to push and stuff to get it in the smaller ones, but it does fit and can close up. Once they're in, you can enjoy the fragrance of your plush! Some fragrances are lighter so you'll only notice if it if you're right next to your plush or actively sniffing it. For the stronger fragrances, I found it can fill up a small space, such as a closet, with the aroma. So how much of a fragrance throw you get varies from fragrance to fragrance.
I got one for me a while back when I first started ordering Country Scents, so these four new plushes make a total of 5 CountryKinz that I own and I love them! They hold up so well and the fragrances really last. The first one I bought, about a year ago, still has its fragrance! Of course, if you want to ever change the fragrance or remove it, it's easy to do. Just buy another aroma bead sachet for only $3.00 and change the scent up to your liking!