Unique Gift Idea: Carved Wood Flute 12" - $9 #Review
Valentines Day is less than two weeks away. A lot of people go with the same old thing - chocolate, flowers, balloons, cards, etc. As for me, I'm into the more unique sort of thing. I like odd items and unique items. When I was presented to check out the site, My Gann, I was intrigued, but really didn't know what to expect. To sum it up, they are an online retail/wholesale business specializing in decorative seashells for home decor, jewelry and much more. They have a nice variety, yet they are still a small business.
I took a look around their site and saw a wooden carved flute. I've always had a fascination with such items, but looking at the pictures online I just didn't know the quality of what to expect. Well, My Gann shipped the flute to me very quickly and had it well packaged so it would have a safe delivery to my home.
Image 1 What I think
Once I got the flute out the package I was mesmerized by it's beauty to be quite honest. I mean, year, it's wood and hand-carved, but for $9 I didn't really expect too much. I was very much shocked. The flute is absolutely stunning and the website photos honestly do not do it justice at all. The flute is 12-inches in length. While it is advertised as not a professional instrument, there are holes placed on it, as they would be for a precorder (remember those from elementary school music class?!) and actually played some lovely tunes. Now, I don't remember how to play, but I was very pleased with the sound. It sounded wonderful. Their website says that the music is in the "note of C" but I'm not a musician so that's not something I can honestly validate. Either way, it had a pretty sound and that's what mattered to me.
The part your mouth goes on is smooth so no splinters. The rest of the flute is very detailed in it's carding work. I mean they did not skip a beat at all when it came to the design. The artist behind making the flute did an excellent job and I honestly cannot say that enough. The flute is light weight, however, it's a very nice quality and is durable. I've only had it a couple of days now and it's been a piece that has brought on quite a bit of conversation.
If this flute isn't your style, My Gann offers quite a few others as well as other neat items. I find their pricing to be very fair. I enjoyed the kind customer service as well as the quick shipping. Needless to say, it was a pleasant experience. If you haven't already, head over to the My Gann website and take a look around. You definitely will not be disappointed with your purchase!