VIIVRIA® Newest Ultrasonic Multi-functional Mini Portable Laundry Washing Machine #Review Always on the go and want a mini washing device? Just like cool devices? Then you will probably like the Mini Portable Laundry Washing Machine! You can grab one for yourself for $65.99 and get FREE shipping - no need for Amazon Prime! That`s a small discount off the regularly listed price of $69.99!
  • Two insulation plastic covers and a nanocoating layer design ensure waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, can be used under harsh environment
  • Multi-functional: Can wash several clothes, garments, towels, underwears, socks, T-shirts, vegetables, fruits, toys or other small loads and delicates
  • Save water than traditional washer. Save precious time by not having to hand wash or going to the laundry center
  • Versatile and Stylish: mini pocket washer is ideal for anywhere and anytime (on a trip, in the apartment, hotel or dormitory, outdoors, on sports events or while enjoying your favorite activities)
  • How to Use: 1. Put the clothes into the water. 2. Pour liquid detergent. 3. Put the washing machine in water. 4. Connect the power supply, and then turn on.
MyReview This is a unique, but pretty handy device for washing not only clothes while you`re on the go, but for washing fruits and vegetables as well. This device is easy to use and well made. It does use a USB plug so if you have no USB outlets available, I recommend using a plug, such as the one that comes with most cell phones, where the USB cord can detach from the wall outlet piece. Or you can just buy a separate piece - whichever you choose. Just note that wall plug piece does not come with this. Now you`re probably asking why bother getting one of these? Well besides being easy to use, this is a great alternative to washing delicates that can`t be tossed in the laundry machine - such as knit and wool products that would normally shrink to kid sizes! The instructions that come with this gadget are easy to read, easy to follow, and just easy to understand in general. While I don`t need to use this often, I now have a great way to clean my delicate scarves without having to pay for dry cleaning! I`d definitely recommend this just on that fact alone! Needless to say, I am impressed! Save $20 when you use the coupon code 2CLQI3EJ at checkout. For a limited time only!! 1f4b0 Get Cash back on this purchase by using TopCashBack! Sign up here for FREE!
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