curling iron review   Curling hair is considered to be a challenging and time consuming job, though the hair style of curled hair looks extremely beautiful and charming to many. But there are some other techniques and ways available to quickly achieve the desired lustrous curls. There are hot rollers available to attain quick and softer curls of various sizes. Though, you do not have more control over the individual curls but the curls attained by hot rollers may last longer. There are different types and sizes of professional curling irons available to get more variety of curls than any other hair curling tool. The different sizes of professional curling irons serve various types of curves. To get the small and springy curls, the desired size of barrel of curling iron is required to be 0.75. Then, the desired size of barrel to get the basic and natural shape curls is to be of 1 inch. While a larger barrel of 1.5 to 2.0 is more desirable to attain the voluminous and cascading waves. 


Then, there is variety of different types of professional curling irons such as the metal-plated curling irons, ceramic curling irons, and the more advanced and latest tourmaline ceramic curling irons. The metal plated curling irons are not recommended as these irons may fry your hair due to the positive ions produced by the metal. Often, the metal curling irons damage the hair when used over a long period. Besides, the metal curling irons neither produce the evenly controlled heat nor these irons are able to give softer and more shaped curls. On the other hand, the ceramic and tourmaline ceramic curling irons produce much better results. The ceramic and tourmaline ceramic curling irons are more efficient as these are able to produce gentler curls and produce the evenly controlled heat, which does not damage the hair as these irons produce the negative ions. The negative ions seal the hair shaft trapping the moisture, which protects the hair from the heat of the plate.  


There are many benefits of the professional curling irons as far as the hair treatment and styling is concerned. The professional curling irons are very effective and efficient tools for styling different types of hair textures and lengths without damaging the hair. There can be enormous hair styles, which can be achieved through the professional curling irons. A professional hair curling iron is more versatile and flexible in terms of styling different types of hair curls than any other equipment of its kind. A professional curling iron gives the more controlled size and shape of the individual curls. Moreover, the professional curling irons are more feasible and practical to use while traveling.  


The professional curling irons can be mastered to use effectively with practice of just a few styling sessions. Besides the hair irons, hot hair rollers are also used to curl the hair but when it comes to the variety of styles, the hair irons are more efficient than any other type of curling tool. So, taking a professional curling iron is a more suitable and practical choice to get those fantastic curves and curls. Moreover, the shape and styles of the curls achieved by using the professional curling iron look so beautiful, that whosoever meets you there in the party, gets attracted and impressed by your hair style and hence cannot remain appreciating your beauty and styles.  


I absolutely LOVE the Xtava Professional Auto Rotating Curling Iron! First of all, it`s carefully packaged so it arrives safely and in perfect condition. As far as the curling iron itself, it has such a simple design, but it`s so easy to use. I`ve owned only a few curling irons in my life and usually they don`t work, take forever to work, or do a poor job. Thankfully I found this curling iron that actually works! The Xtava auto-rotating curling iron features an automated bi-directional rotating control for maximum ease and comfort. To use, Simply clip the hair on the barrel and let xtava do the rest with the touch of button, the ceramic tourmaline barrel generates constant and even heat creating your curls. That`s it! It`s super simple to do, but if you need them, there are instructions included. I was so scared my hair would get tangled in it or something would go wrong because I`ve never used an auto rotating curling iron before. Thankfully it worked out flawlessly without any issues!  


This particular brand curling iron features accurate heat control with 11 temperature stages between 210F-430F; allowing styling versatility for all hair types. For fine hair, use low temperature for best results, while thick and wavy hair will require a higher temperature. I have thick hair so I use the highest temperature to achieve my results. I love that it uses an LCD screen as well. This is not something I`m used to seeing on these sorts of products so I`m still impressed with it.  


Because this curling iron has an 8 foot cord, you do not need to worry about an extension cord or being limited of where to use it. Finally, a company that understands that outlets aren`t always convenient when it comes to using hair products! Even better, I love the auto shut off so no worries of burning your house down some way or running the electricity bill up when it`s not in use. I`m generally good at remembering to turn off and unplug, but I`m a mom of two and sometimes things get a little hectic and I get forgetful! Overall this curling iron is well made, works great, and so far I`ve had no issues curling my hair. I wish I had this thing years ago!