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Avoid Residue in Your Baby Bottles & Dishes By Switching Detergents! Melaleauca Review  


  This post was written BEFORE I knew the truth about Melaleuca! Please read what I found out and ignore this post! Some of this stuff is true, but the facts about Melaleuca are not and they`re not safe like they claim to be! --------------------------------------   First of all this is not a sponsored review. This is actually something from my own personal experience that I wanted to share and pass along with everyone. I`m always honest in my reviews, but for me to come out and tell you about something that I purchased myself or experienced for myself on my own dime is definitely huge. Now growing up doing dishes was my household chore. I`ve always noticed cloudy dishes or they had spots or just something. They never came out perfectly clean and I`m the type who was taught to pre-wash the dishes before going into the dishwasher. I mean just rinse all the excess food and such off. In fact, before Jace was born when I cleaned all the bottles and such in preparation for his arrival, all of my bottles came out with a cloudy residue on the inside and spotty and looked so much worse than when they were brand new out the package. Gross!! I even saw an article on Pinterest to add vinegar to your dish washing load to help with getting clear dishes. It helped a bit... on the bottom rack only. Still nasty looking bottles.   Well my friend introduced me to a wellness company that uses only natural products and ingredients. Did you know Cascade is actually banned in 16 U.S. states? I did not know that until recently. It`s because of the harsh chemicals they use in their dish detergent and they`re HORRIBLE for your health! Well of course when I was first being introduced and heard that I thought it was a load or horse do-do to say the least. I went home, looked it up, and sure enough it was true. So I figured I`d join the company, try their products out and see how it all went. After all, I have 60 days to get a FULL refund if I`m not happy. Read more detailed info about the company here. Well I`ve been trying their products one by one and so far I have not been disappointed. In fact, I`ve been so impressed because I`ve done PLENTY of product reviews on natural products, but none of them truly impressed me like this company. This company stands behind their products, but most importantly they REALLY WORK. I`ve even lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks JUST from drinking their shake mix - no exercising or anything special. I still eat regular foods and stuff, but that`s for an update post later on (but you can read about my first thoughts on the shake mix here).   So anyway my first real proof that these products work for me was when I did my dishes when my order with the detergent came in. I did the same routine - pre-rinse my dishes then put them in my dishwasher and let it run. No additional settings or anything extra was added. I put my pod in, let the dishes run until they finished. When I went to see how they came out of course I was in shock because all were crystal clear. No spots. No powdery residue. Nothing. My baby bottles were 100% clean on the inside - something I`ve NEVER experienced (unless I boiled them in hot water to clean of course) and my silver mixing bowl was streak free. Usually it has spots and streaks after being in the dish washer. My mini ninja was also crystal clear - again, something that normally would come out with residue and spots on it. My dishes not only came out looking clean, but they smelt clean and FELT clean as well! Avoid Residue in Your Baby Bottles & Dishes By Switching Detergents!


  This post was written BEFORE I knew the truth about Melaleuca! Please read what I found out and ignore this post! Some of this stuff is true, but the facts about Melaleuca are not and they`re not safe like they claim to be! --------------------------------------   I`m seriously super excited about it! Now a lot of people ask what detergent I use? Well the thing is you gotta get it through a shopping club, but wait, don`t run off! All their products are 100% safe to use for your family, kids, pets, etc. If your child gets into any of their products, simply give them some water to get it out their system - no need to call poison control. Of course you can still call them, but they will verify what I`m telling you. For the shopping club you normally have to pay $29 for a year membership ($12 per year after that), but for right now until March 19th you can get in for just $1!! Yup ONE DOLLAR! The best part is, if you decide it`s not for you then you can cancel after just 60 days for a full refund. You can join as a direct customer - where you don`t have to follow a points scale, but pay a slight bit higher cost on the products OR you can save 30-40% on each item by being a preferred customer and ordering 35 points worth of stuff each month. Don`t need something one month or can`t afford it for whatever reason one month? Freeze your account so you can still stay a preferred customer! You can freeze an account for up to 6 months at a time. Basically you`re getting wholefood type products (except there are actually all safe and natural, not just some), but at Walmart/Target prices! Very affordable! Plus they have sales and coupons along the way. Not to mention the "learn to earn" program where you watch short videos which tell you more about the products of the company and they pay you for it! So for instance, this month in March I had $40 in loyalty dollars to spend with my purchase!   It gets even better. You can save 15% at many retail stores too just for being a part of this shopping club. You save the discount EVERY time you shop, not just sometimes or just the first time.  Think about all those harsh chemicals you have in your house - they cause allergies, illness, etc. Did you know DOMESTIC pets have a high cancer rate when wild animals have little to none? That`s because of the environment we have in our own homes because of the products we use. We`re about to change that, without spending tons of money. For the same price you spend on your cleaning products now, you`ll get these better ones. Of course there`s also bathing items, health foods, dietary, vitamins, etc. Now is the time to join, you don`t want to miss out!  
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