FREE ICaughtSANTA Promo Photo #icaughtsanta #Review Imagine the look of wonder and surprise when a child you love hears those magic words. Add Santa to any photo and start a new holiday tradition. Create unlimited* photos for just $14.99! Of course you can always make just one photo to use for Christmas to let your child know you caught Santa for FREE! What I think

My Rating: â˜…★★★★

I was given the opportunity to try this software out which can be used online or you can download the app and do it from your phone. I chose to make my image from my computer. The free version only allows you to use one Santa choice, where as the "Pro" version, which is $14.99, allows you to choose from a variety of Santa poses. Of course you can check them all out when making your photo, however, you can`t complete your photo unless you pay - unless you`re using the free version of course. Once you`re done you simply download and save your image and you`re ready to use it! I chose to use an image editing software to clean mine up a bit to make it a bit more professional looking by changing the coloration tint a bit and giving it a blur and some border to it, however the photo they give you to download really does look like you caught Santa! It`s really fun! However I suggest if you want to make it more unique to use a photo editor to customize it, such as PicMonkey, which you can use free or upgrade for better options. Have you ever made an "I Caught Santa" type picture? If so, share it on our Facebook page here!

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