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The use of penis extenders is a scientifically proven method for the effective enlargement of the male genital organ. This is because when compared to other methods of penis enhancement, penis extenders are more effective and long-lasting. Although other methods offer a quick fix and the use of penis extenders takes months to achieve the results desired by a user, the results achieved with the use of extenders are permanent. In this article, we will be considering steps on how to make the best use of penis extenders to achieve lasting growth of the penis. But first, how exactly do penis extenders work? Let’s find out.
How Do Penis Extenders Work?
A penis extender is made of two rings that can be found at the head and the base of the penis. These rings are joined together by protractible traction bars stretching across the penis length. These rings are made from soft materials and are therefore comfortable for use by a user. The top ring holds the head of the penis and keeps the male genital organ in place, while the bottom ring grips the base of the penis. The device works by extending the traction bars gradually, thereby increasing its stretch. This process allows for the increase in blood vessels, and as the blood vessels increases, so does the thickness and size of the penis. Similar to the workout process common in gyms, the use of penis extenders is a gradual process and helps in the extension of the penis size with time. The result is a boost in your confidence when you show off your large bulge in your panties or when having sexual relations with your significant other. How then can one make the best use of penis extenders to ensure permanent growth? 
Steps On How To Use A Penis Extender
Get Warmed Up
The first step is to get warmed up. Give your male organ a short and light rub to bring it to a fully flaccid state. While doing this, avoid giving room for penis hardness.
Select The Ideal Traction Rods
It is advisable not to go for traction rods that have the size you desire to achieve. Instead, select the sizes of rods that best suit you.
Put Your Penis Into The Device
Avoid getting your balls caught in the device.
For Extenders With A Rubber Comfort Strap, Place It At The Head Of The Penis.
Gently tighten the string on the head until there exists enough tension keeping the head of the penis in place. Avoid making it too tight so it doesn’t become painful.
Slightly Move The PULL On The Extender
Once your penis is in place, Increase or reduce the pull by rotating the knob on each extension bar. Do not over-stretch yourself especially at inception. Keep in mind that you will be putting on this traction device for up to 10 hours daily.
Be conscious about your timing
It is advisable that you do not go above 5 hours daily at inception. Preferably split your time over two or three sessions daily. Then when you get comfortable with the device, you can increase your daily time limit to 6 or 7 hours for better results.
After Stretching Allow Your Penis To Rest And Recover
Don’t go jerking off after taking off the device. Despite the urge, you may have to test out your latest gain, hold off a little and allow the penis to relax for at least an hour after removing the device.
While engaging in the patient use of penis extenders for penile enhancement, there are some safety tips and warnings to keep in mind, these include;
  • Select a premium extender as these are made of professional-grade materials.
  • Set goals and expectations on an achievable size. Bear in mind that the penis size can only extend to a certain point before it results in damages to its quality of erection, or in more serious cases loss of erection ability.
  • Draft a daily routine you can easily adhere to
  • Adjust the increase in tension and stretch gradually. Don’t hastily increase the tension and stretch of the device for faster results as this could be detrimental to you.
  • When you’ve reached your target, don’t stop, as this could reduce the gains you’ve earned. Go for a month or two more. The use of penis extenders should be done for at least 6 months.
  • Cloth yourself perfectly to fit the occasion. Loose outfits are more advisable if available.
  • Penis extenders are medical devices and should never be used in place of a sex toy, as this could lead to severe injuries.
  • Make full use of your gains. Once you’ve achieved your desired result, you can consider using a penis pump for an additional temporary boost.
A good number of individuals would agree that size is not everything, but don’t tell that to most men. The vast majority of men will not frown at the opportunity to boost the size of their genitals by 1 inch or 2. So if you decide to kick off your own enhancement routine, with the above-listed steps we’ve considered, your success and safety are guaranteed.
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