Send Handwritten Notes in Bulk with Handwrytten closetsamples
Sending handwritten notes may seem like a thing of the past, but to be honest, I truly miss it! Sure, sending a quick email or instant messaging is quicker, but there is something special and personal about receiving a handwritten note; especially if it is from someone special in life.
With the upcoming holidays, one thing I want to do is send out personalized thank you notes for any gifts received.  I just feel like this is a practice that is rarely used and should be brought back.
One thing that I do not miss with handwritten notes, however, is the pain and cramps that tend to get in my hands and fingers. You see, we have a large extended family. So, writing individual letters to each, by hand, is not only time consuming, but take a toll on my hands. That’s why I got excited when I discovered a website called Handwrytten who sends out handwritten notes in bulk!
They are so easy to use! You can use either their website or get their app and then write up your message. Whether you want to send out personal handwritten thank you notes to family, friends, or co-workers, this is an amazing site to use! Not only is it good for thank you letters, but for greeting cards, client cards, corporate holiday cards - the choice is up to you!
Not only do you get to personalize your note however you want with your own words, but you can even choose from a nice selection of cards or even use your own stationery! So, if you do not care about their selection or already have something on hand, just upload it and they will take care of the rest! They are able to print custom cards to your exacting specifications so you can get exactly what you want.
You see, Handwrytten uses special handwriting robots that hold real pens to write out the notes in the handwriting style of your choice. I have never heard of such a service until now and thought others would find it as fascinating as I did and quite useful if I am being honest.
Once your personalized letter is ready to go, Handwrytten will send your letter out via USPS First Class postage. This generally takes only 3-4 days to arrive to the recipient if they are in the continental US. Of course, this service is not just available here in the United States. They also deliver to the UK, Canada, and 190 other countries!
Save your hand and some time this holiday season and send out some personal handwritten notes using Handwrytten!