8 of the Best Equestrian Facilities in America - Sports Planning Guide
Horse riding has been a favorite of thousands of people worldwide. Whereas the act of using this creature as a means of transport vanished decades ago, the main arena you can still find these beautiful animals is on the racecourse, riding competitions of show jumping. If you are an equine enthusiast read on.
The History of the Equestrian Sport
One of the most prestigious sports on land beside the likes of cricket and a whole array of other sports has to be one of horse riding. The name Equestrian is a direct Latin translation of ‘Horse Riding’ and several prehistoric cave paintings were found in Australia that depicted men on these creatures. Proof that this idea has been around for a long time and continues to stay strong till date. If you’re interested in reading more about this, this site has useful content.
It is safe to say that the use of horse’s dates back to the 3500 B.C. although this is a rough figure, and the exact dates have yet to be found. These beauties were ridden a lot longer than any other form of transport. This progressed to these animals being trained to man a ranch and also being used by law enforcement such as the police.
Another important activity that takes place using these beasts is that of these equines, is during the discipline of the sport itself. which was first introduced in the Olympic games in 1900. This particular event was governed by the legislation of the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI). What it involved was training the stallion, training the rider, and disciplining both in their natural movements.
One of the main events that use these disciplines is to showjumping. Which comprises of both the equines and the jumper jumping over obstacles placed at certain intervals in a field without touching any of them. This is then awarded points.
What an Equestrian Rider Needs When Show Jumping
As with every sport in history, there has to be a certain code of conduct that includes attire and accessories for every player. In this sport, it’s the same. Although there are several different clothes and accessories for both parties to kit up, before entering the field.
If you’re interested in gearing up, there are a few things that you can get on online stores in Australia. Let’s look at a few things you should invest in. additional items can be found online too, for example, https://animals.mom.me/tack-absolutely-need-ride-horse-10552.html
For the rider, you would have to get yourself:
Breeches. These are a specific type of pants, that are tight yet flexible, similar to slacks (for both men and women). They are flexible to make sure the rider can move around easily in them.
Footwear or Chaps. Riders usually wear boots that come up to their knees. This helps protect them in case of any fall and are a lot more suitable for muddy fields.
Gloves. A definite must when riding otherwise you would easily bruise your hands when holding the reins.
Riding Helmet. This is also a must. And acts as protection for in case the rider gets thrown off the of the four-legged unpredictable animal. They are custom made specifically to fit the head according to the rider’s dimensions.
Spurs. If you’ve ever seen a Western movie with cowboys in it, you will have seen spurs. These are the metal objects (tools) that stick out from the side of boots that riders use to kick the animal with to make it run faster or make it turn and obey a few different commands. They are mainly used as a back up for when the rider uses their hands and voice.
Clothes. These would include items of clothing such as sweatshirts, vests, ladies’ equestrian shirts Australia, jumpers, jackets, sweaters, to name a few. All help keep the rider warm and protect them from harsh weather conditions by making some weatherproof.
A riding crop or a dressage whip. These are also training tools used by the rider to direct the horse. For example, while you are on the ground you can cue your horse and show him where to stand using the whip. If you wave the whip in front of the mare it can help stop a pushy horse.
When riding, the whip is used to tap the equines into moving quicker. This is done behind the animal’s leg. You get short ones and longer ones for different reasons and different training methods used to increase engagement and communication methods between the steed and the rider.
Protective Vests. Used as a protection piece for in case the rider falls off of it or is thrown off by mistake. It keeps their upper body protected from harm. Much like any other sport that has a possibility of risk to life.
These are just a few of the important items to check off your list and a good starting point for any rider-to-be.