Man with Hair Loss
If you are experiencing hair loss, then you may have started performing searches on Google for “best hair loss treatments” or “natural ways to regrow your hair.” If you fall into this category, then don’t worry, you are not alone. In fact, more than 80 percent of men and 50 percent of women experience some level of hair loss in their lifetimes.
In this blog, we are going to explain everything you need to know about “laser caps,” one of the most popular treatments for hair loss. We will also give you a recommendation for what we believe is the best laser cap on the market.

What is a Laser Cap?

A laser cap is a cap, similar to a baseball cap, except it is filled with laser diodes on the inside. Some, laser caps use LEDs instead of laser diodes. However, laser diodes are considered superior for hair regrowth.
The purpose of a laser cap is to stimulate hair regrowth through the application of specific frequencies of laser light. This laser light is emitted from the laser diodes and is shone directly onto the scalp when the person is wearing the laser cap. The laser light is red in color and is in a specific frequency that is proven to have positive effects on hair follicles and can stimulate them to grow new hair.
Laser caps are one of the primary ways that low-level (laser) light therapy, or LLLT, is administered. LLLT is the medical application of laser light to try to stimulate healing in the body. LLLT was discovered in 1967 by Endre Mester at the Semmelweis Medical University in Hungary. Mester accidentally discovered that low-level laser lights could stimulate hair growth when he was trying to use a ruby laser to cure malignant tumors in rats.
Mester did not cure the malignant tumors when he used the low-level laser light on the rats, but he noticed that the rats displayed a high rate of hair growth and better wound healing. This was a major medical breakthrough and LLLT has been used for hair growth and wound healing ever since.

Are Laser Caps FDA-Cleared?

Many people wonder whether or not laser caps are FDA-cleared. It makes sense that people would want to know this considering the fact that most people are not used to pointing lasers at their head and turning them on.
The answer is that yes, many laser caps have been FDA-cleared for safety. So, as long as you decide to go with a brand that has achieved an FDA clearance for safety, you can rest assured knowing that the product that you are using is safe. Millions of people have used LLLT for hair loss and/or wound healing since the 1960s when the technology came out. So, if there were any serious safety concerns for LLLT, they would have been discovered a long time ago.

Are There Clinical Studies Proving the Effectiveness of Laser Caps?

Yes, many clinical studies have been done over the years to test the effectiveness of LLLT, the underlying technology used in laser caps. Here are some examples of studies that have taken a deep look at the effectiveness of LLLT.
Not only did all three of these studies demonstrate that LLLT is effective, but importantly, they all also showed that it is safe and does not produce any significant side effects. What this means is that LLLT and laser caps are essentially an ideal treatment for hair loss because they are safe, effective, and will not give you any unfortunate side effects.

The Evolution of LLLT Devices

After it was discovered in the 1960s that low-level laser light therapy could trigger hair growth and help to treat hair loss, dermatology practices and hair loss clinics started using LLLT in their practices. Originally, they were using overhead panels to administer the LLLT onto patients. This method of administration was effective, but it meant that people had to go to the clinic in order to receive LLLT treatments and they could not do it at home by themselves.
In the 1990s, at-home LLLT devices called “laser combs” became available. Laser combs are combs that have laser diodes in them that people could brush through their hair. In doing so, they would expose their scalp to red or infrared laser light that could help to stimulate healing.
These devices were a major improvement to the LLLT industry because they allowed people to perform LLLT at home. Also, they generated good results. However, the combs did not deliver laser light uniformly across the entire scalp. This was a flaw in their design.
In order to address the uniform laser light delivery issue, laser caps were invented. These devices were a natural progression from laser combs. Laser caps are able to deliver laser light uniformly across the entire scalp. This optimizes hair growth. Also, unlike laser combs, they do not need to be held with the hand which makes them more convenient to use. Further, some laser cap brands offer caps that look exactly like baseball caps and that are completely discreet.
It is still possible to buy laser combs. But, laser caps have become the dominant treatment in the LLLT space because of greater convenience, effectiveness, and discreetness.

What is the Best Laser Cap Brand to Use?

There are many different laser cap brands on the market with varying degrees of quality. We believe that the best laser cap brand is Kiierr. Kiierr laser caps are reasonably priced (starting at $645), they are all FDA cleared, they are discreet and look just like normal baseball caps. Additionally, Kiierr laser caps use real medical-grade laser diodes unlike many other laser cap brands.
Further, Kiierr laser caps have an abundance of positive reviews and customer testimonials that you can see on the website. Most customers report seeing significant hair growth around 4-8 months in. Another great thing about Kiierr laser caps is that Kiierr provides a full money-back guarantee. If you are not seeing results after 7 months, you can send back your Kiierr laser cap for a full refund.
Kiierr laser caps have a 93% success rate in clinical studies. Ultimately, due to the reasonable prices, the money-back guarantees, the medical-grade laser diodes, and the overwhelming amount of positive testimonials, Kiierr is the best option when it comes to laser caps. If you are interested in trying a laser cap for hair loss treatment, you should strongly consider going with the Kiierr brand. You can find Kiierr laser caps for sale at